Friday, June 12, 2015

Fitness Friday

Hello! It's time to check in on marathon training again. This week was actually really nice since it is a "rest" week for me. Technically my week starts on Monday, but I include the previous weekend's long run in my recap posts here. So don't think I'm a total crazy person when I combine "rest" with "14 mile long run"...

Saturday - 14 mile long run! A group from my running club meets up most Saturday mornings. Typically, I run Sunday morning, but I knew the weather was going to be icky on Sunday so I changed things up a bit. There's anywhere between 6-8 runners in this Sat morning group, all different paces. One in particular ran about my pace, but she started off super slow. So I ran the first 5ish miles alone, then 4 with her, then 4 alone again because she stopped to use the restroom at a gas station we passed. By the time that I only had 2 miles left, she had caught up to me and passed me! But I kept her in my sights and ended up following her in for that last mile. We ran an out & back course, and the wind was in my face the entire time coming back. That made things kind of tough, but overall it was a good run. Average pace: 9:47.

Sunday - Nothing but rest!

Monday - I had every intention of doing yoga before going to work this morning. However, I woke up 3 times through the night with an excruciating headache that aspirin just wasn't touching. By the time 4:45am rolled around, there was no way I was getting up for yoga. The extra hour of sleep didn't do much for me, but I know I needed it.

Tuesday - Fartleks at the track. 1 mile warm up, 5 x 800m @ 7:50-8:00 pace with 3 min rest, 1 mi cool down. I met up with 2 other running club members for this one. At 5 am! I'm very excited that my little early AM group is growing, even if it's by one person. The intervals were pretty easy, but my Garmin lost satellite signal in the 3rd fartlek so I had to run the last 2 by feel. So my paces for the first 2 were 7:44 & 7:57. The last 3 took me 4:06, 4:11, & 4:07 min, respectively. I think that's in the right pace range judging by the times for the first two, which were 4:05 & 4:15. I don't's all so confusing!

Wednesday - Since my half marathon next weekend is on Sat, I decided to stick with the Sat schedule this week as well, and moved my Thurs run to Wed. So 4 miles at an easy pace this morning. It was 55 degrees and breezy - beautiful! My first run this year without a jacket too. 2 of these miles were a little too fast, and my quads are letting me know that, but it was really hard to slow down today for some reason. Average pace: 9:35.

Thursday  - nada. Loving this rest week! Actually, work has been super stressful this week, so tonight I enjoyed a glass of wine al fresco and did not even think once about exercising.

Friday - Super easy 4 miles. My quads are still a little tight, so I tried keeping this run really, really easy. Average pace: 9:54.

Tomorrow I have another easy pace run on tap: a "long" run of only 5 miles. I kind of love these taper weeks! But this coming Tuesday I have a hard VO2 max workout. Not sure what that's about with my half marathon coming up next weekend, but I'm trusting the training and going with the schedule.

Happy Friday!

How's your training going? Do you enjoy tapering or rest weeks?

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