Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

As promised, I have pictures of our new digs! Without further adieu:
Our living room with a view of the office

Living room looking into the bedroom

The dining room

Looking from the kitchen to the dining room

Our new refridgerator and the stairs down to the basement

The office

Zak's new favorite spot where he can sniff out the wild outdoors!

Our bedroom

Bathroom - look how well our colors go with the ugly wall linoleum!

And my beautiful walk-in closet!!

Outside pictures will be posted soon. The job front is going well. Two hours after my interview with Wells Fargo, they called to offer the position. Hooray! So I start working as a teller full time on August 10th. Travis has two job offers on the table, Ameriprise and Country Financial. Country is looking for a location to open an office for him, and I think that's who Trav would rather work for. But we're keeping Ameriprise in the back pocket just in case.

When Pastor Bruce came over we were in the middle of unpacking, the house was a mess, but he kept saying "Well the place looks great! It looks like you're really coming along here!" I think I should invite him over after church on Sunday to show him what it looks like all done up! Who knows, we may just have people walk over to pop in after church anyway.

Quick weather report: it's 64 degrees right now at 12:20, the high for today is only about 70. I think I missed summer!

To da loo!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Greetings from the North Country!

Well hello there! Travis and I are starting to get all settled into our little Parsonage home, so I thought "you know, it's time I started that blog I was talking about." Say it with a Minnesota accent - I believe mine is starting as we speak.

I started this blog so that my family members can keep track of me. I know that some of them believe that we've entered the witness protection plan since they can't find Bear River on a map, but I promise that it does exist. There is a sign and everything.

I also thought that it would be interesting to chronicle my experiences. Being from south Florida, I know there are some interesting things in store. Just this morning the pastor stopped by with a plate of cookies to welcome us!

So drop in every now and then, hopefully I'll update often! Here's a teaser picture of our little house, I promise there will be more to follow!