Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quiet Evenings

After all the excitement from my travels, I was so happy last night to have gorgeous weather and an opportunity to just relax with my family. I felt like I hadn't really even had time to talk to Travis or tell him about my weekend at all. Darn life gets in the way sometimes!

We had some steaks in the fridge, so we decided to grill them up. Even though it was around 70, it was still a bit windy and necessitated at sweatshirt.

Emily had to go inside at daycare after she started getting too hot yesterday afternoon. Probably something to do with wearing jeans on a hot day with the sun blazing. But once we got home, I gave her some frozen fruit and she cooled off in front of Octonauts. Then she was totally ready to head back outside.

You can't tell, but she has a french braid in her hair. She has been all about the braids for the past week or so. But my little wild child's braid usually falls out by the end of the day.

Selfies! See the little red mark next to her mouth? Apparently she clocked herself in the face with her swing over the weekend. Her swing is homemade and has a wooden 2x4 seat. Ouch! Dad said she didn't cry or anything. Usually, after falling or injuring herself in some way, she bounces up and says "I'm ok! I'm ok!". #toughchick

Also, please note how straight my teeth are looking. The braces are still ugly, but we're seeing progress!

Steak, sweet potato fries, and a nice glass of red wine. What could be better? After dinner, bath time, and putting Emily to bed, Travis and I went back outside to enjoy the weather and catch up a bit more.

Busy social schedules are fun and exciting, but sometimes the quiet evenings at home really take the cake.

What's your favorite way to relax at home? 

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