Friday, May 22, 2015

Fitness Friday

Saturday - Since I knew we would be down in the Cities, and no running was going to happen on Sunday, I opted to do my long run before we left. Last week was a cutdown week for me, so only 6 miles were scheduled, all at an easy pace. The best thing was that I got to listen to a podcast with Doug Kurtis, who (unknowingly to me) was the race director of the Detroit Freepress Marathon for 7 years. He's the very reason why the race goes over the Ambassador Bridge! It was a really great interview, and made the miles fly by.

Sunday - rest, rest rest.

Monday - I had the best of intentions to wake up for yoga this morning. I set my alarm, but apparently didn't actually turn it on. So I woke up "late" at 5:30. Skipped yoga, but I did get in some hip and lower leg strengthening in the evening.

Tuesday - Tempo run: 1 mile warm up, 3 miles at 8:40-8:50 pace, 1 mile cool down. I was so not happy when I started this run in the wind and snow showers. Maybe it was more like freezing rain, but it was pelting me in the face, getting in my eyes...ugh! The precipitation stopped after about the first mile. My paces were 9:18, 8:45, 8:45, 8:41, 9:30. I like this workout because you get to stretch your legs a little and really practice consistency. Something I definitely struggle with! In the evening I did the RC leg circuit workout, which has lots of lateral lunges, mountain climbers, regular lunges, etc. Lateral lunges seem easy at the time, but they make my inner thighs and glutes really work!

Wednesday - Circuit training instead of yoga. I am just not feeling yoga lately. I'm not sure if it's just not doing it for me or what. But after getting so sore last week, I'm hesitant to jump back into it. So circuit training instead. This is a fun workout that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there.

Thursday - Easy 3 miles, average pace 9:39. A truly beautiful morning. Cool, gentle breeze as the sun came up. I wish every run could be like this! (I'm looking at you, Tuesday run!). My legs felt a bit heavy and stiff from all the circuit training, but they felt better by about mile 2. Also, I listened to a podcast with Susan Russell, who ran the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with a colostomy bag. about inspiring!

Friday - Another easy 3 miles. 9:38 pace. I ran an out & back course from my house, so 1.5 miles then turn around and come home. It was like I blinked and it was over! Although some days, that's ok.

I've got a 13 mile run planned for this weekend, hopefully with some of my running group members. Wish me luck! I'm so glad we have Monday off too, I might need a little extra R&R.

How's your training going? Do you have big plans for Memorial Day? 

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