Friday, May 8, 2015

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!

Here's my weekly training in review:

Saturday - since I was in St. Louis and knew Sunday would be tight on time, I ran Saturday morning. St. Louis is super hilly. SUPER hilly. That's ok if you're used to it, but I had an 11 mile run on tap and really didn't want to kill myself doing it. Lucky for me, the brother I stayed with lives just around the corner from the Katy Trail which follows the Missouri River. It is pretty flat, and is mostly a hard-packed gravel trail. It was a beautiful morning, so even though I was out there at 6 am, I still saw quite a few other runners and bikers. Most of the trail is wooded, but offers some nice views of the river and some creeks along the way. Average pace: 9:43 min/mi.

Monday -  I was still tired from my trip on Monday morning, and it seems that I've come down with a sore throat from allergies and general traveling ickiness. So yoga was ditched for an extra hour of sleep.

Tuesday - Great fartlek run. I was supposed to do 1 mile warm up, 5 x 800m at 7:50-8:00 pace with 3 minutes rest, 1 mile cool down. Since I wanted to do this in the AM and didn't feel like driving to the track, I just ran around town and did 1/2 mile fartleks. That's just about the same. It felt great! Paces were: 9:37 (warm up), then 8:00, 7:57, 7:59, 7:53 & 7:58 for the fartleks, and around 9:40-9:55 for the rest periods, then 9:43 for cool down. Math-disabled me figured this would be 4 miles, mayyyybe 5, total. 5.8! Boom!

Wednesday - I finally got up to do yoga. Hooray! Except that I planned on doing the "quick" program thinking it would just be cut clips of some of the poses from the full video. Nope. It was just a scroll through of the names of some poses to do. So I kept pausing it to do a pose, play to get to the next one, pause, play, repeat. In total I think I did about 25-30 minutes, which is good for me. I think I did plank, downward dog, side plank, upright lunge, pigeon pose, a quad stretch, hamstring stretches, IT band stretch, and then ended with Savasana. My favorite.

Thursday - Easy 4 miles. I was really looking forward to hitting the road this morning. It was warm out, nearly 60 degrees! Ok, 55, but that's a lot closer than 25 degrees! However, the skies opened up right as my watch beeped at 3 miles, so my last mile was in a downpour. Literally. I was soaked by the time I got home. So that mile was a little faster. Average pace: 9:28 min/mi.

Friday - Easy 4 miles. As soon as I stepped out the door this morning, I started getting pelted in the face by sleet. After yesterday's run in the rain, I just wasn't having it. So, I went back inside and jumped on my treadmill. Super boring, but I got it done. 4 miles in 43:07.

Here's hoping for better weather this weekend - especially since I have 12 miles on tap for Sunday morning!

How's your training going? 


  1. I've started to integrate yoga into my weeks as well. I'm really liking it so far! Crossing my fingers for good weather for you this weekend!! :)