Thursday, February 26, 2015

Life Lately

Do you ever have days like this? Seriously. If it weren't for the wine and being able to eat ice cream for dinner if I wanted to, I'd really consider trading in my adult card. If that was possible!

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing catastrophic or earth shattering about today that is making me complain. Or this week even. Just annoying things. 

- I had to move out of my office into a cubicle. 1st cubicle was laughably small, and after some begging I was allowed to move into a larger cubicle. Silver lining? Although this cubicle has a faulty overhead light, so it's a little dark at the moment. 

- Our temperatures are frigidly cold again, with windchills that are just insulting. I know I live in the North Pole, but it just makes life slightly unbearable when having to deal with the horrible, horrible cold. 

- This morning I have a case of the dropsies. Butterfingers. I cannot hold on to anything. Things I have dropped this morning include: liquid scrambled egg, broccoli, a pot lid, and my travel coffee mug. Full of coffee. Thankfully the lid was closed so only a small amount leaked out. But seriously. What is up with me? 

Thankfully, this weekend we're off on a mini-vacation, all due to the generosity of my brother-in-law. As a Christmas gift, he paid for our family (9 of us) to stay in a Sea Villa at the Lutsen Resort on the North Shore. 

The main lodge

The villas are like townhouses, so they have full kitchens and living rooms. Also, there are activities like skiing, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing that are complementary to the guests. 

Sea Villa & view of Lake Superior

Since I am not all that experienced when it comes to winter sports (read: no experience whatsoever), we're going to take it easy and try our hands at cross-country skiing. I figured that was easier than downhill skiing, and would probably be less likely at resulting in a broken bone.

*knocks on wood*

There is also an indoor pool just for the Sea Villa residents, so we will definitely be taking advantage of that. Supposedly there are nightly bonfires on the beach, too. I'm really curious about that. It sounds fun (they even include the makings for s'mores!), but I'm not sure how that will pan out with the temperature being around 10 degrees. I don't see myself lasting very long.

Maybe we'll just stay inside by our own fire in the wood stove, and enjoy adult beverages and cookies from inside.

We're leaving work a bit early to head up there tomorrow afternoon. It can't come soon enough!

Do you go on winter vacations? If so, do you go somewhere tropical or snowy? 

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