Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy February!

I'm so excited that we're now in February, simply for the reason that January is over. Not to hate on January, but it's such a depressing month. The excitement of Christmas and New Year's is over, but it's still cold and snowy. It's just kind of a bleak month.

Does anyone else feel this way? Bueller?

But now we're in February, and there's things to look forward to!
- a good friend is getting married this weekend, and I'm one of her bridesmaids!
- Valentine's Day! Not really super exciting, but fun to celebrate anyway.
- our anniversary is only a month away!

I also like to do a little decorating for Valentine's Day just to make the house feel a little more festive. You are probably not surprised by that, am I right?

Since I shared with you my holiday decorations, I thought I'd invite you back in to see what's up for V Day. I don't go all out like I do for Christmas, but just add a few things here and there.

For the front door, a pretty yarn wrapped heart with some pink felt "flowers":

In our living room, I have this shelf with some knicknacks I bought this little heart just because I thought it was cute and added a little pop. 

We have a small "room" that connects our mudroom, spare bathroom, kitchen, and basement door. It's really just a space to get to other spaces. But it needs a little love too, so I have this little heart trio hanging in there. It gets swapped out with different things all year long. 

Lastly, this sparkly heart hanging on our back door. Just the right amount of pizazz!

I also have a small Shepard's hook in our front yard that I hang seasonal flags on. We have one for Valentine's Day, but at the time I taking these photos, it was about -5 degrees outside. Sorry, but I decided to skip taking that picture. Use your imagination, k?

Welcome February!

Do you decorate for all the holidays? Do you get really into Valentine's Day?


  1. All of your hearts are so pretty! Valentine's Day is the one and only holiday that I don't really decorate for. I'm a slacker. I DO get really into the holiday though. My husband and I both have birthday's during Valentine's week, so we eat a lot of good food, see a lot of family and friends and get/give presents throughout the week! I love it!

    1. Oh, that is fun! I think I started decorating to make it more fun for my daughter. Since they do stuff at daycare/school for each holiday, I thought it would be fun to keep the festivities going at home!