Monday, June 2, 2014

It Comes in Three's...

Bad things, that is. Right? Isn't that what "they" say?

Anyway, this isn't a list of horrible, life-wrecking things, just three annoying things that happened this weekend.

1. Wrong-sized shorts: I went shopping at the "big" mall 1.5 hours away on Saturday. Just me, by myself, because I wanted to try on bathing suits and shorts and not feel rushed. So off I went for a little "me" time, hooray! I did find a bathing suit, a few pair of shorts, and a couple of tops (bonus! don't tell my husband). Unfortunately, I did not notice until I got home that one pair of shorts is a size bigger than the others because I just grabbed the size hanger and didn't check the tags. Boooo. So I will likely return them when we go to Florida this month (O.M.Geeee. I'm so excited!), or keep them in case I'm that size next summer.

Positive: I did find some new clothes and had a nice shopping trip.

2. Run fail: I had planned on running 13 miles this weekend as my last long run before my half-marathon in 2 weeks. It was horribly humid here, and the temperature was about 65 degrees, plus a little rainy so I had a rain jacket on. By mile 4, I was feeling pretty tired. By mile 7, I was starting to feel like the rest of my run was impossible. I'm not really sure what happened, but my body was just DONE. I stopped at mile 9 and called Travis to come pick me up and take me back to my car. The last 4 miles of my run is a little hilly, and that just seemed truly impossible when I stopped. I'm feeling a little down about it, and kind of embarrassed. But, I know that I would not be setting myself up for success if I over did it now. Better to stop and avoid injury rather than kill myself getting to a number in my head.

Positive: I did run 9 miles, and that's not too shabby.

3. Rain: This weekend we have received more rain that any one little town can really handle. Last night, in the space of an hour, we got 2+ inches of water. When the ground is already saturated, there's not a lot of places that the water can go other than my basement and, ultimately, my sewer drain. Cue wet basement, lots of mopping, a little cursing, and wishing we weren't homeowners. I know we weren't the only people with wet basements last night, but it's still pretty annoying. The purpose of a house is to keep you sheltered from a storm and dry. Dry being the key word here, right? We've had this issue since we moved in over 4 years ago, and every year we take precautions to prevent the leaking, and every year it's back to the drawing board. I am really over rain at this point, but it's in the forecast for today, tomorrow, Thursday, and Saturday. Oh, then next Monday and Tuesday, too. I'm thinking it's time to look up some blueprints on how to build an ark.

Positive: I don't have inches of standing water in my basement, just a few puddles. The rest of my house is dry.

So, that was my exciting weekend full of fail. How was your weekend? Better than mine? Please say better than mine. 

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