Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day

If you haven't noticed by your facebook feed (I know you have some running friends in your circle!), today is National Running Day!

I celebrated this morning by running 5 miles. I am having a tough time with the humidity at the moment, so it wasn't the best run but I got it done. That's all that matters!

I know some people are all "oh, I'm a jogger", "I run really slow", or "I can only run a few minutes at a time", and this is their excuse for saying they are not a runner. Listen, friends - if you run you are a runner! I don't think that running 3 miles instead of 13 makes me any less of a runner. Also, what is jogging? Is that running realllllly slowly? Can we please just dump this annoying term? Going faster than a walk = running.

A neat little tidbit I picked up today is that if you use the hashtag #IAMARUNNER on facebook or twitter today, then Timex will donate $5 (up to $20K) to Boomer Esiason Foundation's Team Boomer. Team Boomer is a program that encourages people with Cystic Fibrosis to exercise regularly. They also donate money to CF research, and help start-up events with funding that are looking for a cause to support. So....that's really cool! I hashtagged all over the place, and so should you!

I also found out that Friday is National Donut Day. (Blogger is telling me that donut is not a real word. Blogger, check yo'self) I think I will have to partake in that as well. After I get another run in :o)

How did you celebrate National Running Day?


  1. I ran 4 for NRD! The humidity is killing me, though. Gah!

    1. Seriously! We've had so much rain that we're at 100% humidity most days. I'm hoping for a little sunshine this week to burn it off!