Friday, June 27, 2014

T minus One Day!

In less that 24 hours my little family will be on a plane, making our way to Florida. Words cannot express how excited I am!

I can't wait for a whole lotta this:

Some good food from Boston's, only one of the best beach side restaurants to ever exist. Fish dip and bacon wrapped scallops, yes please!

Two George's as well. Right on the intercoastal, you can eat on the dock!

Basically, I want to eat and go to the beach. Or the pool. We'll probably throw in a trip to the zoo and the aquarium as well. Emily has told me several times that she wants to see an alligator because "Daddy held an alligator in Florida". There is an old picture on our computer from when Travis and I were first dating where he, indeed, is holding a baby alligator. We went to the Everglades for an air boat ride and alligator show. Typical Florida tourist stuff.

So tonight I have to
- clean the bathrooms
- finish packing two carry-on's
- finish packing the diaper bag
- get food ready for the trip
- make sure all electronics are charged, and then remember to grab the chargers in the morning.

Our flight leaves bright and early at 6 am, so we'll be getting up around 4ish. Thank God for our rinky-dink airport that is 10 minutes away!

I probably will not be blogging while on vacation, so...see ya on the flip side!

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