Monday, December 21, 2015

Earn Those Cookies

As promised, this weekend Emily and I made our Christmas cookies! Well, Emily helped with the sugar cookies, abandoned me for the nutter butter truffles, and napped while I made the chocolate covered cherry cookies. But after 5 hours of mixing, measuring, stirring, baking, (breaking for lunch) icing, and melting chocolate, we have cookies!

Emily actually iced and decorated quite a few of her own sugar cookies this year, which made me pretty happy. I was afraid that I had traumatized her last year after she almost splattered my white walls with red frosting. But we were successful this year!

Saturday started off very early for me, as I wanted to get my run in before we started baking. You know, to bank some calories for the taste testing and quality control portions of baking. Plus a trip to Walmart and the grocery store. What can I say? I'm a glutton for punishment.

I've been participating in the run chat hunt sponsored by RunChat on Twitter. Basically, it's a monthly scavenger hunt where you find certain items while out on your run, and post them to twitter with the tag #runchathunt. I managed to get 2 in the beginning of my 6 mile run, but when I went to snap my third pic of a bridge at the end of my run, my phone froze and died! It was only about 3 degrees, which I guess iphones cannot handle. I put it on the charger when I got home, and all is well.

On Sunday, we went sledding after church. I haven't been sledding since I was probably 12 years old, and Emily has never truly been. We had a baby sled that we would push her down a tiny slope in our yard, but I don't think that counts. This time, we went to the "big" hill down the street from our house.

It was so much fun! Trav and I took turns going down with Em for awhile, which was quite the workout because she wanted to be pulled back up the hill in her sled. Definitely earned a few cookies there! But then she got brave and started going down the smaller end of the hill on her own.

So funny! She was hiding her face in her jacket for the first few trips, but then she earned pro-status. I think she went up and down the hill 10-15 times. Oh to have the energy of a young child! However, we all took long naps after lunch that day.

Tonight, Emily is performing in her first school Christmas performance. Travis said that makes him feel old! I can't wait to see her sing her little heart out!

How was your weekend? Have you ever been sledding?


  1. I earned my cookies this weekend! Yum!!!

    I used to take the boys sledding when they were young. So fun!

    1. We will definitely have to go a few more times this winter!

  2. Those looks great!! And hooray for the cookie making process going more smoothly this time. And the sledding looks so fun :) That is all my little niece wants for Christmas, but we are looking at 60 degree temps here so not too sure she'll get her wish...unfortunately!

    1. I was so pleased that she gave it another shot and actually had fun! Success!