Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Pictures

Hello friends! Since a recap in words would be long and probably boring for you, here's our Christmas in pictures. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve service at Trav's childhood church

We had to wake Emily up on Christmas morning. Zak the cat helped.

Santa came! He even left Rudolph behind!

I got an immersion blender. It is awesome.

Emily's favorite present by far - Elsa boots!

Trav's favorite gift - a new guitar. Yes, I am an awesome wife. Well, my parents chipped in too. It was hidden in our house for like 3 months without him ever knowing. 

We made a goose. It took forever, and yielded about 2 pounds of meat. Good thing we had ham too!

Emily got ice skates from Grandma and Grandpa! Also, this is how she looked for most of the night: Anna dress, Elsa hat, and her new Elsa boots. 

I burned off Christmas dinner the next day by running 7 miles in the snow. It kind of sucked.

That was our Christmas!  I hope you all had a lovely holiday whether you celebrate Christmas or make other plans.

What was your favorite gift to get this year? To give?


  1. The bliss of Christmas for a child is THE best!!! It was awesome to see how excited my niece and nephew were over the simplest things! :)

  2. Emily is adorable! Seriously, I'm not a person who normally says that about kids, so you know it's true. So glad you guys had a great Christmas!

  3. What a great Christmas! Looks like presents were a hit! :)