Monday, November 17, 2014

Talk the Talk

Walk the walk?

After my post on Friday about running in my Yaktrax, I was pretty gung-ho about doing my long run outside this weekend.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early, had my coffee, and got myself ready to go. I was all dressed in my 500 layers of clothing and feeling prepared. I knew it was about 6 degrees, real feel of about -4, but the sun was out and I was pretty determined.

Until I got outside and felt the wind. The wind which was nearly knocking me over and biting into me despite all my layers.

So I turned around and went back inside.

The only minor success for me was that I got changed and ran on my treadmill instead. Preferable to outside? No. But when the elements are against you, I think it's a perfectly fine alternative. I'm trying to be nice to myself here.

I settled down with the Gilmore Girls to while away my morning as I jogged for an hour and half in our basement. I found that I can get through 2 episodes in that time, and those chatty girls keep me pretty entertained.

I had just read The Lady Okie's post about getting over a running slump, and it made me realize some things:

1. I may not be in a slump, but the weather sure affects my motivation.
2. It's ok that I don't run outside all winter long. Running is not my job. It's a hobby that's supposed to be fun while keeping me fit.
3. I should be nicer to myself and accept defeat modification to my workout when the weather is uncomfortable.

Does that mean that I'm totally giving up on winter running? Not at all. But it's ok if I swap back and forth depending on the weather, my mood, the time of day, etc. There's no point in beating myself up or risking hypothermia over a hobby.

How are you being kind to yourself lately? 


  1. I am such a wimp when it comes to running outside in the cold, and I'm not (that) ashamed of it. I mean, how is that fun? I'm so lucky to have an apartment treadmill to run on, otherwise I'd be out of luck. When we get a house, I'll either have to get a gym membership or treadmill, because otherwise I'd just not run, and that doesn't seem like a good option. I think GG would be a great show to run to.

    1. Right, it's supposed to be fun!

      I'm also digging Parenthood. Last winter I got through by watching Revenge for short runs and movies for longer ones. It really helps!

  2. Last year the polar vortex destroyed my motivation to run outside. By February I was so bored with my treadmill that I took a month off of running and signed up for a month of hot yoga classes at a studio near my house. I would go 15 minutes early, lay down on my mat, and pretend I was at the beach. It was much more enjoyable! :)

    I love the Piglet picture. That's exactly how I feel when I run in cold wind.

    1. I did buy a yoga DVD for runners that I've started doing on my off days. My problem is that I work out in the morning, and our 2 gyms in town only have classes during the day or the evening. I bet imagining you were on a beach was quite lovely - especially if it was followed up by a fruity drink!