Friday, November 21, 2014

Runners Tell All: Who is your #1 Running Fan?

This is the second to last post in the monthly Runners Tell All link up hosted by The Lady Okie and Sunshine to the Square Inch. Only two more months to get in on the action before it's gone!

This month, we're talking about our own running fans. Our cheer squad, our water bottle holders, our support system. 

This is easy for me. If it weren't for these two cheering me on, I'm not sure I'd have gotten as far in running as I have! 

Travis & Em waiting for me to cross the finish line at Rock'n'Roll St. Louis

Sometimes they're not waiting so patiently, but hey - 2 hours does get a little long! 

They were there at my very first race,

Red Ore Run 2012

and while they don't come to every race I run they are there at the big ones. Or the ones I travel to, because trips are fun. 

Even when the weather isn't all that great, they tough it out along with mom so that I can see a smiling face at the finish line. 

Clouds and rain won't stop me! Go Mom!

But it's not just in racing that they support my running. Travis listens patiently while I worry over weather and slight mystery injuries, or pace times and splits. They've come to accept that Mom will be gone very early Sunday morning for her long runs, and Travis doesn't complain about the time commitment that running requires of me, or the early bedtimes and early wake ups, or the amount of money I spend on entry fees (really thankful on that one!). 

When I was contemplating registering for my first full marathon next Fall, I asked Travis "do you really think I can run a full?" His response? "Of course you can." That's pretty awesome. No doubt or hesitation. Just yes, yes you can.

Emily makes comments sometimes about having "running shoes like mom" or "muscles like you, mama!". This puts the biggest smile on my face! A big part of why I run, and run long distances, is to set a good example for Emily about exercising, being healthy, setting goals and sticking with them. So to hear that my choices are resonating with her already is kind of big. 

Also, when she says "good job mama!" - that's kind of huge. 

I am incredibly thankful for my 2 biggest supporters, and really, words cannot express that enough. 

Who are your biggest supporters? Link up and tell us all about them!


  1. "Running shoes like mom." Aww! That's awesome! Having a supportive family is so important when trying to maintain a running schedule. I love that your husband didn't doubt for a second that you could run a full marathon. He's a smart man!

  2. So sweet that your little girl is so proud of you and wants to be like you :) My husband is also a huge support for me. And you are so right about the impact of that support. It's a major encouragement for sure!!

    1. Yes, it would be so hard if they complained about my training schedule or something. I'm so lucky!

  3. LOVE. That is so cute. Muscles like mom :) You're such an inspiration to her and setting such a good example.

  4. So did you decide to register for a full? :) Love the "Muscles like mama" comment. What awesome running fans you have.

    1. I did! I'm going to do the Detroit Marathon next October, but registration doesn't open until Jan 1st.