Thursday, September 11, 2014

Stitch Fix #2 Review

It's my favorite day of the month! My Stitch Fix is here!

Hooray! If you're not familiar with this online styling service, check out my first review here. Today was a dreary, cold day, so I was pretty stoked to have this waiting for me at home.

The best part about Stitch Fix is that you get to try the clothes on in your own home, with your own clothing or accessories. Then you can send back whatever you don't like in their prepaid envelope. It costs $20 for the "styling fee", but that is credited towards your purchase. Also, if you buy all 5 items, you get a 25% discount!

Enough detail, let's get to the clothes!

Fun2Fun - Thayer Graphic Print Key Hole Blouse $48

Ignore my doofy face here. I was working on teaching hubby how to use the camera and get proper lighting. Work in progress!

I wear tons of black and white, so this fits perfectly into my wardrobe. The keyhole detail is cute and makes this modest top a little more young and fun. I like the loose feel of this top, too. I went back into my style profile to change my sizing after my last fix, and this whole Fix was bang on this time. Love it.

41Hawthorn - Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse $58
Sanctuary - George Zipper Detail Skinny Jean $128

Ok, seriously? I love this outfit. How did someone in California find a pair of jeans that would fit me so well, without even seeing me? Can you tell that they are olive green? They have a fun little zipper detail for the pockets, too, instead of normal jean pockets. Probably way more than I would ever spend on jeans, but how can you deny love? I love love love them.

The top is a for sure winner too. It's great with these jeans, or regular denim jeans. Or maybe even white jeans this Spring/Summer? It's a little on the sheer side, so I threw a cami underneath. Also, our weather is cold enough already for layering. (Sad face!) The sleeves have a fun little detail in the back with a V cut in. This would maybe be better on the front side where it hits my elbows, but overall I still really love the top. I felt so cute and chic in this outfit. Winner winner chicken dinner. 

Octavia - Dustin Window Pane Print Infinity Scarf $32

This was the first thing I saw in my Fix, and I literally squealed when I saw it. I've pinned a few scarves on my style board, so I was super excited to see this. It's a warmer fabric with a little fringe around the edges. Totes cute for Fall. Plus, the navy color will go with just about anything I pair with jeans. Keeper.

Fun2Fun - Judd Paisley Print Scoope Neck Blouse $44

This top I wasn't too sure about, but I think it looks pretty good with jeans. My style card suggests throwing a boyfriend type sweater over top for the colder months. I like the paisley print too. It's probably not something I'd grab off the rack, but I liked it on. Plus, it's cheaper to keep it with the 25% discount if I buy everything. So this is kind of like a freebie item!

Honestly, I am so thrilled with this Fix. I felt like the stylist really nailed my sizing and my style, plus put some fun things in that are maybe a little outside my norm. I'm 99% sure I'm keeping the whole box.

Want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself? Shameless plug for my referral link here
What says the blogosphere? Yays? Nays?


  1. Love it all! And those jeans are perfect on you. Nice. Legs.

  2. All of that is perfect on you!!! So how much do you end up spending if you keep the whole box?

    1. Thanks! The total after my discount, minus $20 for the styling fee (prepaid), minus $5 credit I had was $212.50. Last time I only kept one item and it cost me $58 total. So there's obviously some wiggle room in price. The jeans were the most expensive, but they were so awesome that I had to buy them. I'm wearing them right now!

    2. Is the paisley print shirt a high-low shirt?