Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Joy of Homeownership

Houses take work. Houses need work. Even the most perfect, custom-built, brand new house needs something. Blinds, window treatments, door handles, etc. If you are lucky, before you buy a house all of your friends and family will tell you to have a slush fund for fun little home-ownership projects. If you're not lucky, you find this out the hard way.

Travis and I were lucky. We knew that our house would need work. This is always at the back of our mind. See, the previous owners had the grand plan of "flipping" our home. I've seen the before pictures, and they ain't pretty. However, previous owners had no clue what they were doing when it came to 99% of our house. Plumbing...they sucked at. Painting...also sucky. Flooring...not so great either. So, little by little, we update, repaint, or just flat out replace things that need to be changed.

Most recently, this was our main floor toilet. That toilet was old, short, small, and had a worriesome crack on the inside. Our house is 100+ years old and while I don't think the toilet is that old, it was definitely time for it to be replaced. There was also a weird popping sound in the water line after every flush. Time to go, toilet!

Here it is, forever to be remembered as the "Squatty Potty". Goodbye, Squatty Potty, you have served us well.

Travis and I decided to go shopping for a new toilet a few weeks ago. On a Friday night. We really know how to live it up! Originally, I had in mind to just buy a simple model, for around $100. Good enough, right? But then I talked to my mother, and she's all "You have to buy a nice toilet, don't get cheap. We have a Kohler and it's great!" Yea yea, ok mom.

But then, the worst thing happened. I fell in love with the most expensive toilet that Lowe's had on display, and of course, it's a Kohler. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. What can I say? I like nice things. Par for the course, that toilet was out of stock so we had to order it and wait a week. It finally came in, and Travis installed it this weekend!

I present to you: Pretty Potty! (Full disclosure, this is what my 2 year old calls it)

See? It has pretty detail, and it's bigger. Like, actual grown-up size. Amazing!

You know, it's really about the little things in life...

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