Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night we went to the Flank's for a birthday party for Davis, who is turning 16. We had a great time! Val made some really good pizza and wings, there was cake, and we had a bonfire that everyone ended up around since the temp got down in the 40's. Yep, in August. Oh Minnesota!

And in true Minn style, there were drinks of course. Now I would like to state for the record that I was no where near drunk/plowed/blitzed/whatever funny name you have for being 3 sheets to the wind. Stef and I decided to go inside for some cake, which was really good, and then head back to the fire. We walk outside onto the deck and I go "whoa it's dark. I'm probably going to fall flat on my face!" Stef says "oh it's ok, no one is watching" So we go down the 4 steps and what do you know, I roll my ankle coming off the last step (so yea, I basically fell on the ground) and tip over in slow motion. But my drink was in my hand! I had to save the drink!

So then I'm laying on the ground, and both Stef and I are cracking up at my clumsiness when my foot starts to scream at me. By the time we got home, it was a little puffy and this morning it's still puffy and it hurts. But I'm a tough Minnesota girl now! I can take it! Plus I don't have insurance right now, so there are my options.

I need to figure out how to walk on it without looking crazy because I have my second interview tomorrow with a private investment company. I'd really like the job too, it pays more that what I currently make, is closer and gas in Hibbing is way cheaper than Virginia. Like .20 cents cheaper. Virginia apparently laces their gas with gold. Whatever.

Travis helped his cousins Kara and Eric install windows in their house yesterday. Not to worry though, there were two professionals on the job as well. Trav and Eric were just muscle. So I got to see their new house before the housewarming party in Sept. because I'm special! It's really cute! 2 stories, probably about 100-150 years old (they're not sure), a newer kitchen, big bedrooms, 2 good sized bathrooms, plus a garage and a garden shed outside. And they got it for a song! Just one of the reasons why we moved up here. Anyway, I can't wait to see it again at their party.

So that's our crazy exciting life for now. We skipped church this morning (mostly because I woke up too late and am moving slow) so I need to go clean up - you know someone will come over to check on us!


  1. Oh no! It is all about saving the drink though (lol). Wrap your ankle up and wear some slacks and flats. Good luck with your interview!