Monday, August 10, 2009

First day of work

Went as well as could be expected. Filled out some paperwork, did an online orientation thing. The usual. I didn't get to meet everyone because they were pretty busy today but I did get an hour lunch. All right! So I ate at a deli down the street that had an outdoor patio and walked around downtown Virginia a bit. They have a lot of bars, a candy store, a used book store, a theater, a teen center, and some other stuff that I didn't really get to check out.

The highlight of my day: finding out that insurance would only cost me $20 per pay check! I was paying $66 when I left about crazy. Dental is an additional $5, and vision is about that too. Adding Travis would double it, but still - then we're talking about $60 per paycheck for both of us? Still saving $6!!

Also, we went grocery shopping the other day and spent a whopping $75 for a week and 1/2 worth of food. No sales tax! We even bought some junky stuff like chips and beer. It's good that this is all so cheap though, since I'll be making quite a good deal less than before. But I think it will all work out for us in the end.

Having something to actually go and do today has completely wiped me out. Until next time my friends!

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