Sunday, August 2, 2009


I knew I was in for some colder weather, but this is a little ridiculous! Today we had to turn on the heat in the house as it's only 57 degrees. Supposedly it's going to top out at 70, but I don't see that happening. And I've had to dive into all my sweaters and such. Hello August!

We went to church this morning and were one of 15 people there including the Pastor. But it was really nice! The church is super cute, small and comfortable. Show up in jeans and a fleece jacket? Eh, who cares! We're just glad you came! Certainly a nice refresher. Here's a picture of our little Bear River Lutheran Church. This view is from our driveway. I can see the church from my bedroom even!

Today is our first trip to the dump as well. This should be interesting! I think I'm going to take the camera along just to document our country living at its finest. More to come!

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