Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend Getaway

Happy Monday friends! I'm still working on my coffee, so bear with me here. I'm feeling a bit slow this morning.

This weekend, we attended the wedding of a long time friend of Trav's from high school. I also know the bride from the United Way, so we were pretty excited to celebrate with the happy couple.

The wedding was about 2 hours away in a small little "resort" type town. We dropped Emily off with Grandma & Grandpa on Friday night so that we could take our time Saturday and not feel rushed to get there. The weather didn't want to cooperate, and we had a mini blizzard that morning, but luckily the snow stopped by the time we left. We ended up getting there with enough time to check in, grab some coffee, and get dressed without worrying about being late.

The ceremony was held at an event center about 10 minutes away from our hotel, and we lucked out by having shuttles to take to and from the wedding. Our shuttle driver missed the turn on the way there, so we all felt a little scrambled getting to the ceremony! But we got there with enough time to spare. The theme was sort of winter-cozy, with lots of wood and ice accents. The bridesmaids wore cardigans over their dresses and winter boots, and the groomsmen wore dressy sweaters rather than tuxes. I really loved that!

After the ceremony, we walked over to the reception area and found our table. The groom is a music lover, and has been in several bands, so naturally the tables were labeled by famous music groups. We were at the "Metallica" table - obviously the cool kids table!

Here we are, ready to rock! There was about an hour in between the ceremony and dinner, so we mingled and chatted with friends. The bride and groom came in then as well, so we were able to say our congrats early before they did a big "formal" entrance.

Dinner was excellent, but the real highlight was the dessert table! Instead of a traditional cake, the couple opted to do a traditional Norweigian Kransekake, which is like rings of cookie stacked together in a pyramid form. They break it, and supposedly the number of rings they break off is the number of kids they will have. I think they purposely broke off as little as they could!

Not their cake, but very similar

The couple planned a dessert bar for the guests in lieu of cake. There were cupcakes, different kinds of bars, cookies, and even mini pies! Trust me, I was all over that!

The rest of the night was mainly spent on the dance floor. We are dancing fools! It's a good way to burn off all that dessert. 

Yep, dancing fools!

We were very thankful for that shuttle bus home! I think I ended up in bed by 1am, which is way past my bedtime! But we were able to sleep in the next morning and get a good breakfast in before we had to head home.

Most of Sunday was spent relaxing and recovering from our partying ways. I'm feeling pretty back to normal at this point, but extra naps are always welcome! 

How was your weekend? When's the last time you've been up past your bedtime?


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! The cake is neat - I've never heard of that tradition before. Glad you had a fun trip!

  2. That looks like a really neat wedding and it looks like y'all had fun! I love that y'all were seated at the Metallica table. Virginia Tech has special ties to Metallica, since we use Enter, Sandman for our football entrance and we jump up and down in the stadium during the opening music.

    The last time I stayed up past my bedtime was a couple of weekends ago when my college friends were in town. I think I got a combined total of 8 hours of sleep over three nights. I think I'm still recovering ;-)