Friday, February 19, 2016

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's Friday for several reasons. A) We're going out to dinner tonight, which is very exciting for this unemployed-on-a-tight-budget gal, and B) we're going away this weekend! More on that later.

Saturday - Sweetheart 5k - recap here.

Sunday - Blogilates booty day. I did roughly 20 min of glute exercises with a few min of cardio at the beginning. Apparently my butt is out of shape, because even by that evening I was starting to feel it in the ol'glutes!

Monday - today was supposed to be a workout, but it snowed all day on Sunday and the plows didn't get out at all. So I swapped an easy 4 miler instead and ran on my treadmill. My glutes were happy with that. 4 miles @ 10:19 pace.

Tuesday - 45 minutes on the bike, as well as about 30 minutes of pilates. It was abs & cardio day on my Blogilates calendar. I wasn't sure if I was going to do all the recommended videos, but I surprised myself by sailing through them! The last ab one was definitely challenging, but I can tell that my core is getting stronger.

Wednesday - Today's workout was another fartlek interval workout. 5 x 3 min @ 8:00-8:10 pace, 3 min rest in between each. Although I had to do a 2 mile warm up, which was kind of different. I got up to run at my normal time - o'dark thirty, and just as I was about to head out I decided to check the weather. -17F. Uhm, no. I'm not having that. Can I tell you how sick I am of running in these ridiculously cold temps? So I waited until lunch time to go instead. Success! I was overdressed and sweated my butt off, but my intervals were: 8:04, 8:05, 8:07, 8:07, 8:04. I'll take that! 6.07 miles in 56:11.

Thursday- 4 easy miles in 38:19/9:34 average pace. I was listening to a podcast about the TrueForm Runner treadmill, which is supposed to help you run with correct form. Sounds really interesting, but out of my price range at the $5k mark. But I started paying attention to my form - leading with my chest, firing from my glutes, and those last two miles got quicker than "easy pace" at 9:26 and 9:31.  Not fast, certainly, but faster than I was supposed to be running. So there's definitely something to be said about running with correct form! Also? It was a balmy 18F. So much better than yesterday morning!

Yay for positive temps!
Friday - Today I'm a little down in the dumps about training. After going back and forth about this pain I've had in my posterior tibial tendon, I've finally decided that I need to rest it. I read this great article from my coaching website, after the urging of one of my coaches, and recognized a lot of the symptoms for pain. I'm hoping that it's not so far gone that I'll need weeks and weeks of rehab. Since it normally feels better after warming up (or a mile or two), I'm really hoping that I'm catching this early enough. My coach seems to think that with a little rest and doing the PT exercises, I'll be back to training for my May marathon in no time. Fingers crossed! So I started doing the exercises yesterday, wearing shoes all the time, and I ordered some therabands to do exercise.

I'm really starting to wonder what the greater cause of all these injuries are. Poor form? Training to accelerated? I'm really not sure, but it's starting to get very frustrating. I just want to run! Run marathons!! Is that too much to ask?

So for now, I'll stick to my bike and doing pilates to keep up some fitness. I'm hoping that one week, mayyyybe two weeks off will be all I need. That article indicates much longer....pray for me that it doesn't take that long, k?

I don't know about you, but I really need to burn off some steam this weekend!

How's your training going? Looking forward to the weekend?


  1. Yikes, I hope one or two weeks does the trick! I love how you postponed that one morning run and then ended up sweating your butt off at lunch time. That's the way it goes sometimes!

    I think my training is going alright - I'm about halfway through. I'm almost to that point where it feels like the race is practically right around the corner but you don't feel anywhere near ready. I'm bracing myself for that :)

    1. That is the worst feeling! But trust your training, and come race day you'll be ready!