Friday, February 26, 2016

Fitness Friday

Let me preface this with: I hate being injured and I hate not running. So my body and I are not friends right now.

Saturday - Instead of doing the 11 mile long run I had on tap, I did an hour on my bike. Not the same at all, but it is what it is.

Sunday - Rest. Lots of rest. I had a bit too much fun at the wedding on Saturday night, so physical activity was limited to the bare minimum today.

Monday - 45 minutes on the bike. Boring. Also pilates lower abs/butt, back & arms.

Tuesday - 42ish minutes of pilates cardio and abs today. I also started doing more therapy exercises for my posterior tibial tendon. Calf stretching, sole to sole touching, and theraband exercises detailed here. For review, the posterior tibial tendon is this:

That red tendon is the one I injured. The bottom part and where it connects in the foot is usually what hurts the most.

Wednesday - 50 minutes on the bike, and pilates leg day.

Thursday - 65 minutes on the bike with 10 one minute "sprints". This was kind of fun and nice to change things up instead of just pedaling away. I also did all the HIIT exercises on my Blogilates calendar, and man was it a workout! I burned 610 calories total for the day. Crazy!

Friday - Rest day? I'm actually kind of sore from my workouts yesterday, so I may just do some foam rolling and stretching today. Mayyyybe pilates.

What do you do for cross training? Have you dealt with tendinitis or another injury?

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  1. Sorry to see that your foot is still bothering you! Hope you are back to normal soon!