Friday, February 12, 2016

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday! Sorry it's been quite around here. I've had kind of an exciting week on the job front. I don't really want to talk about it yet, but I spent most of the week in interviews and filling out paperwork. Fingers crossed that it all is for a good reason!

Saturday - Long run with my running group. We had an all-time high of 16 runners! Normally we average 8-10 for these Saturday runs, so it was nice to see so many other runners! Unfortunately, there was no one wanting to run 11 miles at my slow pace, but I did hook up with another runner who ran 11 with me at an average of 9:33 pace. Too fast for an easy day, but we were able to chat the entire time, so I just went with it. I accepted my speeding ticket from my coaches later in the day. Oh well!

Sunday - Rest day, although I did manage to get in some Blogilates booty workouts. Glutes are important for runners, so strengthening them is essential!

Monday - Speed intervals on tap again for this morning. The workout portion was 3 intervals of 600m @ 7:00, 3 min rest, 400m @ 6:50, 3 min rest, 200m @ 6:40, with 5 min of rest in between each set. This was hard! I had to slow down the 600m intervals each time to 7:30, and there were multiple times when I was holding onto the treadmill for dear life, praying that the interval would be over! I was able to complete the very last 200m interval at 6:44 pace. Overall, it's done and I get an A for effort, even if I wasn't able to nail the paces. Overall 6.14 miles in 1:08:17

Tuesday - 45 minutes on the bike. Not much to report.

Wednesday - 6 easy miles in 1:01:24 on the treadmill. My anterior tibial muscle (runs along the outside of your shin bone) has been sore from the interval session on Monday, so I really just tried to take it easy. Foot tendons are all good.

Thursday - Another easy 6 miles in 1:02:00 on the treadmill. It was -20F this morning without the windchill. Uhm, didn't the groundhog predict an early winter? Doesn't seem that way this week! Shin is slightly better, but I think a good day of rest tomorrow will really help. 

Friday - Rest day, although I'll fit in 30 min of pilates this morning. Gotta keep up the strength training! Pretty much so that I can do this pose and look super fierce.

 How's your week going? Are you getting these freezing temps this weekend?

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