Friday, November 6, 2015

Rest & Recovery

We all need a little R&R every now and then, right? My body is especially unhappy with me after running a marathon, and has let me know it in no uncertain terms.

Tendinitis that is not getting better with even easy running. Whomp whomp.

I've been having on and off foot pain since the race, and I kind of half-heartedly rested it. But then I ran that really fast 5k, and this week I tried to get back to a normal running routine. My foot did not like this. At all.

After trying to run 2 days in a row (Wed & Thurs), I decided it's not worth it trying to push through it. Even though my foot doesn't hurt while I'm running, it does afterward and that's not a great sign, right?

I think the pain is in that Peroneus Longus that attaches to the bottom of the 5th metatarsal (pinky bone). Sometimes I have a pulling sensation in the Extensor Digitorum Brevus on the top of my foot, too.

So I've prescribed myself 2 weeks of no running, only biking. Hopefully that will give my foot time to heal up and let me get back to a base mileage routine before I have to start training again on Jan 1st.

Better to happen now than when I'm actually training, right?

In the mean time, I'm trying to focus on the holidays. We had our family photos done this week, and my fantastic photographer already got our photos back to us! So, of course, I spent most of my morning being really productive at work - designing our Christmas cards and getting them ordered. Bad employee!

Here's a sneak peak:

I had such a hard time picking just a few for our cards! Luckily I found a card I liked that had 4 photo slots to choose from. Can't wait to get them in the mail!

What do you do when you're injured? Are you getting ready for the holidays yet?


  1. Love the photo!!! I need to get put together soon!! :) Sorry to hear about your foot...I am definitely resting this week, but signed up for a 4 miler on Nov 22 so I'm gonna get back out there next week with a few super short runs. Hope your two week rest helps!

  2. GORGEOUS photo! I can see why you'd have a hard time choosing if they all look like that!
    I hope your foot heals up. I'm having a similar issue with my doesn't hurt when I run but it does afterward. Same thing I've had since February but the intensity has waxed and waned over those months. I see my chiro next week and definitely need to have a chat with him about it!

  3. Love the photo! I get so excited about Christmas cards. Sorry about your foot, but hopefully some rest will be just the thing!

  4. I hope the foot feels better soon! I think you are very smart to rest it now and get yourself recovered before official marathon training starts up.

    1. Thanks! It's still not feeling great, but I'm trying to stay positive. It's not painful though, more like a pulling/tight sensation. So...that's hopefully good?