Monday, November 2, 2015


I know most people do not look forward to Monday, but after our whirlwind weekend...I'm happy to get back to a bit of normal!

Saturday morning started off with a fun Halloween themed 5k for me. Emily and Travis came along to cheer me on, and we got to do a test run of Em's Halloween costume.

A witch and her black cat!
 More on that in my next post. It was a good race!

After the race, we ran to Target and had a quick lunch, then it was home for naps before we went out trick or treating. The weather did not want to cooperate, so our original idea was to go to City  Hall where they had indoor trick or treating. Well, the line was really long, and once inside it was basically just walking around a table, getting candy thrown in our bucket, and out the door we went.

Waiting in line at City Hall

Not exactly trick or treating fun! The rain seemed to be holding off though, so we decided to make a quick tour of our usual ToT'ing neighborhood, about 2 blocks away from our own neighborhood.

Emily was trying to convince Travis to hold her bucket at this point, because it was getting heavy. She didn't like the payment terms though. ;o)

Give me all your candy, little girl!
That ended up working out really well, and we hit a bunch of houses before the rain started. Then we went home to eat dinner, a little candy, and hand out our own candy. I always go overboard when buying candy to give out, and this year was no different. We had a sum total of maybe 10 trick or treaters, so I was giving out handfuls just to get rid of it all. We'll still be eating Halloween candy come Christmas!

With the time change, we got that lovely extra hour of sleep, but we were still up early to get to church in time on Sunday morning. This is the second time we've gone to this church, and we're really liking it. Travis said "any pastor that can end a sermon with lyrics from Eric Clapton is okay by me." Ha! 

After church we had to run home so I could get dinner started in the crock pot (Pinch of Yum's Veggie Lasagna - really good!), and then we were off to a birthday party for one of Emily's daycare friends. The party was at a center that offers rehabilitation programs for special needs individuals, but they also rent out for parties. They have an indoor pool, which is nice. Of course, the party included swimming! 

Emily is just getting the hang of the doggy paddle, so she mostly stayed in the shallow end. Fine by this mom. The time change and no nap was starting to get to Emily about mid-way through the party, and I just started praying for things to wrap up quickly! 

Once we got home, I had a major sinus headache/migraine, so I laid down for a bit. My daughter should have done the same, but instead she watched a movie with Dad. Come dinner time, she basically dissolved into a fit of tears over having to turn the TV off. Oh what fun! I gave her the choice to eat dinner and then finish her movie, or go straight to bed. She chose bed! Fine by me! So Trav and I had a quiet dinner and evening sans kiddo, and she got 12.5 hours of sleep. Wow!

That's the end of our whirlwind weekend, which took it's toll on some more than others! 

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Halloween?


  1. I like your witches costume. Did you hat stay on during your race?

    I remember how changing time back and forth between DST and standard time used to play havoc with the kids' naps, bedtime, and getting up. Sounds like your daughter desperately needed those 12.5 hours!

    1. It sure didn't! The first little puff of wind and it started to fall offf, so I ended up carrying it for most of the race.

      The time change has never really had much affect on her before, but I think this year with it falling on a big weekend that it was all just too much! She was back to her normal, happy self by Monday evening.

  2. Sounds like a busy weekend! Since I had the NYC Marathon on Sunday, we just relaxed for Halloween this year. We had one trick-or-treater so we have WAY too much candy leftover....ugh!!

    1. We have soooo much candy! We kind of dole it out to Emily so she doesn't get sick on it or ruin her appetite for regular meals, so I think it'll be lasting quite some time!