Monday, January 19, 2015

Dancing, Dining, and Decluttering: a weekend re-cap

Happy Monday blogging friends. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

This weekend was particularly busy for us. I am looking forward to a weekend where we don't have any commitments!

Saturday I was up before the sun to log 8 miles in on my treadmill. Typical winter running weekend for me at the moment. Then I was off to the grocery store to stock up. We've got some yummy dinners on tap this week!

Saturday night was my company's annual Holiday Party. I was on the party organizing team this year, so I felt a little pressure to make sure that everything turned out well. I shouldn't have worried, because it was great!

You can never be sure with buffet type meals, but the food did not disappoint. We had glazed ham, BBQ chicken, vegetarian lasagna rolls, cheesy Delmonico, warm German potato salad, and several other various vegetable salads. About 1/3rd of our office is vegetarian, so this is always a big concern when planning any type of meal for the company. We also had about 6 different varieties of cheesecake for dessert. I will shamelessly admit that I tried all 6. They were small pieces though!

Then we danced the night away. It's always fun to see who will dance at a company party. There's always a few of the same characters out on the dance floor, but every year there's some new employees. Sometimes it's surprising, like when the shy, quiet types get out there and rip it up. That's always fun to see! Travis and I are no strangers to the dance floor. Although we may not be very good, we enjoy cutting a rug. Until my feet decide that they've had enough. Then it's time to go home!

After a few hours of dancing. Do we look tired?

Sunday we enjoyed a lazy day around the house. We slept in, had some coffee, and then I got busy.

I ran out of the Pecan Gingerbread Butter that I made a few weeks ago, so I made Almond Coconut Butter that I found on the Runners World website. It is pretty tasty! Not too sweet, and very nutty. It does get hard in the fridge due to the coconut oil, but you can spoon out a little and microwave it back to the right consistency.

I also decided to declutter our living room closet. This has become a catch-all for any random box that needs a home, various cleaning products, seasonal decor, and whatever else I can fit in there. It was starting to get pretty ugly in there.

I found some ridiculous items, like a blanket that I've been missing for two years. TWO YEARS. How does that happen? Also, a box of Christmas music boxes to give as gifts, complete with gift bags. More empty boxes than I know what to do with. Recycling bin, here they come! Now it is beautiful, organized, and empty box free. The best part? It took me less than half an hour.

Emily and Travis had a great time playing outside this weekend, as we were graced with some warmer temperatures. Finally! They had a great time building a snow mountain, climbing it, and sledding down over and over again.

We wrapped the night up with this warm curried carrot soup that I've shared before. I seriously love it and cannot get enough of it!

So, a busy weekend but a good one. 

I'm starting a new adventure at work this week, which may keep me a bit busier than in the past. So blogging might get pushed to the back burner. Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell! 

How was your weekend? 


  1. What a fun work party, sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I have been on a decluttering mission at my house and it feels so good to have things organized! If only I could finish cleaning out my file's just not as rewarding.

    1. Oh, the dreaded file cabinet! Ours was a mess about 2 years ago. I finally took everything out during a nap time, sorted, everything and made new folders. Folders for medical insurance, house documents, home owners insurance, bills, bank statements, etc. Then at tax time I go through and toss out anything that's 2 years old or more. That seems to be one area that is an ongoing process! Good luck!