Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cookies - You win some, you lose some

When I saw these cookies over on Katrina's Kitchen, I just knew I had to try them! They looked so simple and easy. When it comes to baking, simple and easy is what I'm all about.

My book club does a cookie/treat exchange every December, so I try to find something that is easy to make. In the past we've always done a dozen cookies per person. Last year that didn't turn out so hot since a few people chose at the last minute not to participate. This year I suggested just doing 1-2 dozen and we can divide them up so that each person brings home the same amount. Plus, I do not need 6 dozen + cookies at home. I'm already eating too many holiday treats as it is!

This weekend I decided to whip up these Grinch cookies. I couldn't find the little heart candies, and did not feel like paying $6 for them through Amazon, so I decided to pipe my hearts on with decorating gel. Some came out well...some did not. Oh well! They taste good and that's all that matters!

I also jazzed them up a little bit by adding some peppermint flavoring. The original recipe is here.

This recipe made me exactly 3 dozen cookies. My cookies did not stay puffy like Katrina's though, even though I followed her recipe pretty exact. I put them in some storage containers that I plan on bringing to book club tonight. Over the past few days, I noticed that they've gotten soft, almost too soft. They're also pretty small. I started to feel a little disappointed and embarrassed by my Grinch cookies.

So off to Pinterest I went, in search of an easy recipe I could make in a hurry with ingredients I had on hand.

Enter the Congo Bar

Doesn't that sound exotic? They're not, I promise. These are also really easy, and like I said - I had everything in my pantry already. Brown sugar, eggs, butter, flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. The original recipe calls for 1.5-2 cups of chocolate chips. I also added a cup of chopped pecans, because...pecans. So I reduced my chocolate chips to just over a cup. A loaded cup, if you will.

Photo credit: I Heart Naptime
You guys. Seriously. These are amazing. They are everything I want in a chocolate chip cookie, but in bar form. They're crinkly on the top, but gooey in the middle. Chocolatey. Just pure yum! I cut my bars (from a 13x9 pan) into 24 smaller pieces, and really they are so rich that a small piece is all you need.

Or a giant piece, warmed up, with a scoop of ice cream on it. OMG yum! I really don't want to share them. I want to hoard them all to myself. But I'm being kind and bringing them to book club as well, along with my Grinch cookies. Which pale in comparison!

Make these bars. You will thank me.


Do you participate in a cookie exchange? What do you make? 

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