Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas House Tour

One of my fellow bloggers, The Lady Okie, recently shared her Christmas decorations with her bloggers. I thought this was such a fun idea! I love seeing into people's homes - especially their Christmas decorations. I am kind of really into Christmas decorating.

So, welcome to my home at Christmas!

We'll start in my family room. I have a ton of built-in shelving, so I get to display all sorts of knick-knacks. "Chachkies" if you will. The little figurines in front of the  picture frame to the left are all carolers. Most of what you see here was given to me by my mother. The carolers, the rocking horse, the winter town, the Santa, and the angel. I think she sends me her old stuff so she can make way for new decorations at her house. I am 99% positive this is fact.

My mother also passed this on to me after Travis and I got married. This Advent calendar was originally made by my great-grandmother. I have picked the little ornaments out of their pockets each December for as long as I can remember. It's really old! Some of the ornaments have been replaced along the way, but some are the same as when I was a kid. 

I love having this buffet in our dining room, because it's a great place to display all our holiday cards. 

This is our fake fireplace, complete with fake mantle. The "mantle" is actually a hutch that is supposed to go over Emily's dresser. But it's been here for so long that I really can't bear to part with it. Maybe Travis can work on making me a mantle this year, so the hutch can finally go in Emily's room. We'll see. Again, my stocking was my childhood stocking. I actually had 2 - spoiled much? 

Last - the piece de resistance - the Christmas tree in our living room. I would love to have you over in real life so I could point out all of my favorite ornaments and tell you their stories. Some of them are as old as me! 

Behind the tree on the table is our manger scene - also given to me from my mom. When I was a kid, this manger always sat under the tree, right in the middle. One of my favorite things to do was lay on the floor in front of the tree and play with the animals and the little well that actually had a moving bucket. Unfortunately after one year of being at my house, one of my cats broke the bucket and couldn't leave this alone. Therefore, it's on a hard-to-get-to table for now. 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me show off my Christmas decorations!

Do you have a favorite decoration? 


  1. Your tree is so pretty! I love how many vintage things you have that are passed down or hold a lot of memory for you. Thanks for sharing! Your stocking is fun :)

  2. This is fun! I'm completely going to do this on my blog. I love Christmas decorations!

    Your "fake" fireplace looks real to me, that hutch is a perfect fit for a mantle. Your great-grandmother's advent calendar is awesome too!

    1. Aww, thanks! There's even a switch to throw on a little heater, so then it "feels" real too. Our next house will definitely have a fire place though. I love them!