Tuesday, January 21, 2014

In a Funk

How funky is your chicken? Right now, mine is not too funky. I think I have a case of the January-blahs. I have not run in almost a week. I ate horribly last weekend. I feel very un-motivated and boring. Which is surprising because this month has been chock-full of good stuff. Book club, a fun work event, a fun work holiday party, a fun family birthday party followed up by my 2 year old dancing in a bar on a Sunday night...

There has been good stuff! That's what I need to focus on, the good stuff. I will get back on my treadmill. Not tomorrow, but definitely Thursday (I have a schedule people!) It will eventually warm up and we won't feel like hibernating quite as much.

So, here are some things I am looking forward to:

Today, some of my co-workers and I are going to stuff backpacks for the United Way's Buddy Backpack program. Basically, they send food home on the weekends with kids that may not get healthy meals (or any meals) when they are not in school. We are lucky and fortunate not to need this in our own home, but I think it is such a great service the United Way is offering to local families. Emily does get a free book every month through the Imagination Library program, sponsored by our local United Way. This is such an awesome national program that promotes literacy, and Emily loves getting her book every month. So I am more than willing to support the UW in return.

Tomorrow, the ladies that I work with are getting together to have a birthday lunch for one of our co-workers. We do this for all the girl's birthdays, but it's always nice to get together for a little while. We don't have a lunch room at our office, so usually everyone eats in their own offices or cubicles. Apparently my subconscious is very concerned about this because I have had several dreams about getting a lunchroom in the building. Very odd.

Thursday, we are having a company pizza party to celebrate the fact that our company raised over $10,000 in donations to the United Way through our 2014 campaign. For a company of just under 100 employees, I think that's pretty great. I also really like to eat and get free food.

This weekend, I'm going shopping! Not for me though, just for Emily. She's growing out of her 2T stuff, so it's time to start compiling a 3T wardrobe. I'm hitting up my favorite consignment shop, plus the mall with some really great coupons. Also, for the first time ever, I'm going to a "nicer" Savers (like Goodwill) to see what I can find. A lot of girls on my facebook selling sites find some really great things at their local Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, etc. I'm hoping to score some good deals there!

So, January will soon be long gone, and we'll move on to more exciting things like Valentine's Day, our 5th wedding anniversary (holy cow, how did that happen!?!?), and Spring!!

Speaking of Spring, I will be running in the HOPE Springs 5K this April. This is a local race, and proceeds go to our local oncology patients for their daily expenses like gas, food, etc. So many cancer patients end up having to quit their jobs or go on unpaid leave during their treatment. This fund is really a great way to give these patients a little more HOPE! You can check out the race and donate on my personal page here.

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