Friday, October 23, 2015

Pics from the Detroit Marathon

Since I'm still not over the whole "I ran a marathon" thing, I'm showing you some of the pictures from the race. They are all of me, so just roll with it. :)

I've never bought professional pics from a race before, but I figured for my first marathon it was kind of a given that I had to. Right?

On with the show...

These two are right after we came back to the US through the tunnel. You can kind of see the sign in the background that says "Welcome back to the USA". 

I had just spotted my parents and started waving at them like a mad woman. I didn't even notice the photographer! They're probably my favorite pics because I still look fresh and happy.

Oh yay! Now I can get my water bottles!
This one was over on Belle Isle, where it was windy as heck. This was probably the hardest part of the race for me because I was tired and although the end was near, it still felt pretty far with 5-6 miles yet to go.

But I kept smiling! I don't know why, but there were like 10 pics of me from this portion. I can't remember if there were 2 photographers over there, or if the one just really thought I was great.

Finally, the finish line is in sight! I'm trying to power down to the line here, but I didn't have a whole lot more to give. 

Done! Definitely the best feeling EVER. 

Do you buy race photos? 


  1. These are SO good! Definitely worth the purchase, I think. My race photos seem to be pretty hit or miss. I've actually been planning on posting some of my race photo fails, haha, because some of them are awful (like basically all of my Beach2Battleship photos, unfortunately). My first marathon photos were really good but I never bought them. I do have the screen shots though! I've noticed some races are starting to offer photos for free download, which is awesome. One of the tris I did earlier this summer had them free (you could still buy the higher res files if you wanted to), and a company that I do a lot of road races with has started to shift in that direction too.

  2. Congrats! Isn't it the most amazing feeling? I just ran Chicago #3 and crossing that finish line never gets old!