Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hard Knocks

You know those people that seem to walk through life on air? Every move they make is graceful and perfect? 

I am not one of those people. "Grace" is not in my body's vocabulary. Unfortunately, Emily seems to have inherited this trait.

My poor girl.

Yesterday we had a family photo session with our local photographer. I knew things were going to be interesting when I picked her up from daycare and had to sign an "incident report". Apparently she ran smack into the steel pole from the swing set in her excitement to swing. Thankfully she only had a small red bump on her eyebrow, barely even noticeable. 

We got dressed up and I snapped this photo before we left to show Grandma her outfit. I wanted to do outdoor pics with a relaxed theme. So Emily is dressed up in a jean skirt and cowgirl boots. The boots are new, and a size too big.

So this picture is about 2 seconds before she tumbled down the steps in our mudroom. 

Cue crying, hugging, checking for injuries. She was ok, just a little scared, so we left to meet up with the photographer.

The photo session went great! Emily is such a ham and really plays up to our photographer. We'd been out there for about 45 minutes when we came to some old stone steps that our photog wanted us to sit on. Not even thinking about her earlier tumble, we happily agreed. 

Until Emily skidded down the steps on her front, scraping up a shin, a knee, and both arms. 

Aaaaand we're done. 

Emily is alright, just a little banged up. We agreed that the boots should probably be put away for a little while longer, until her feet grow into them a bit. 

Sometimes, life is just hard. Especially when you're clutzy. 

Are you clutzy like me? Do you get professional photos done often?

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