Friday, August 7, 2015

Fitness Friday

It's another Friday, which means another training recap. This week has definitely had some ups and downs, but that's training for you, right?

Saturday - Saturday morning I was in Minneapolis. I found a nice trail across the highway from our hotel, so I ran there instead of the hotel treadmill. It was such a nice run! An easy 6 miles, average pace of 9:43. My leg felt pretty good the whole time, just a little stiffness in the beginning as I warmed up. Progress!

Sunday - Rest. I made sure to wear my compression socks for the drive home. Until I had to use the restroom at a gas station. We were in a little podunk town where I know no one, but you never know who you might bump into!

Monday - Up early and on the bike. I'm getting a lamp for the front of my bike, which I desperately need! It's dark when I start out now, and my headlamp isn't quite powerful enough for the bike. I got 7 miles in, average speed of 14.5 mph. I met with an Orthopedic doctor today, and he seemed to think that I'm just fine. He said I probably strained my anterior tibialis and/or medial tibialis. He said to make sure to stretch them before and after I run, but that I could get back to training. Hooray!

I just found this website that addresses my exact injury and has some great techniques to hopefully get me back to 100%. Anterior Tibial Stress Syndrome.

From the Athletes Treating Athletes page

Tuesday - A slow and easy 4 miles, average pace at 9:50. Leg was feeling pretty good for the most part. On my lunch break, I got my first ever deep tissue massage. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but there were definitely parts that were...uncomfortable. Not painful exactly, but not enjoyable like a regular massage. She focused a lot on my quads, and some muscle on the back of my knee. That muscle hurt when she worked it. Uncle, uncle!

Wednesday -  7 miles on the bike again. It was cold this morning! About 40 degrees, which feels even colder when you're creating your own breeze. I had the hubster install my new bike lamp and computer thing. He said that we needed to know the size of my tires to be accurate, but it was only about 0.5 10ths of a mile off, which I can deal with. The only problem is that there's no light on it, so I either have to light up my watch and try to shine it on there, or wait until I go under a street lamp.

Thursday - 5 easy miles. I wore heels to work yesterday, and even though I sit down most of the day I still think that was probably an unwise decision. My shins were very tight in the evening. This morning the left one was a little sore to begin with, but eventually went away until about 4.5 miles in when I started to feel a very targeted soreness right over the middle of my shin. Kind of depressing, since I felt like I was making a lot of progress. I probably also pushed it a little bit too much on this run. Paces were 9:51, 9:53, 9:37, 9:48, 9:53. That middle mile was too fast! 

Friday - 3 miles easy, average pace of 10:05. This run went pretty well. No pain in my shins or tibial muscles. There was a knot right where my soleus comes into my calf on the inside. According to that website above, I can use a tennis ball for a trigger point massage. Looks like I'll be breaking out the foam roller as well. I feel like all I do lately is recovery, icing, rolling, and stretching! 

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  1. Glad you figured out what is wrong. That is comforting, and I'm glad you can get to training again. Hopefully it heals 100%!