Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday Confessions

Did you know that yesterday was National Tell the Truth Day?

Huh. I guess they'll make a holiday out of anything now. Mainly, this makes me think "are people lying all the time? Enough that we need a truth day?" Maybe it's not exactly lying, but I'm sure there there are plenty of omissions out there.

In honor of that, I thought I'd spread a little truth here on my blog. A la confession style.

1. I'm exhausted. Marathon training is no joke, and I feel like I'm not even in the peak yet. I would like an entire day to just sleep. Pleaseandthankyou.

2. I kind of love cottage cheese. I hated this for a long time, but recently came around to the goodness that is chunky cheese. Gross, right? I don't know what it is about cottage cheese, but I love it.

3. I think that if your son died while lighting fireworks off his head, that that is not the government's fault. Not one little bit. I'm judging you pretty hard, Mrs. Kathleen Staples. Perhaps better parenting would have led to your adult son knowing better? Also, I don't buy that he thought it was a dud. I think he was a drunk idiot that did something extremely stupid.

4. I need to get my spending under control. I'm equally "I want to save all our money!" and "I want all the things!" lately. Case in point: $200 spent on new running shoes. Also, I recently tried to convince Travis to buy a riding lawn mower, which he declined to do so several times. Fine, then we're having some new windows installed. It's an investment!

5. I'm bailing on the idea of throwing Emily a birthday party this year. I am a horrible mom, ok? I know. But our family has things going on both the weekend before and the weekend after (well, I have a race the weekend after in Minneapolis). Trying to do a small party on a week night is almost physically painful. So, we're going to a petting zoo that's having an event on the night of her birthday, and will follow up with cake & presents at Grandma's house. Good enough.

That's all I've got for you at the moment. Can't load you down with too much truth in one day!

You can't handle the truth!

...Yes. I did just go there.

Did you know there was a National Tell the Truth Day? What kind of truth are you putting out there?


  1. I heard about Truth Day. Does seem a bit odd, right? Anyway, I agree with you about the fireworks thing. I mean, who lights anything on their head and thinks "oh, wonder how this will go?" - total idiot!

    1. Seriously. Anything that starts with "here, hold my beer" is probably not going to end well!

  2. I love the idea of a confessions post, I might need to copy this. Also, cottage cheese is the bomb!

  3. So, I hadn't heard about that firework thing until reading about it here, but hello so crazy! People are dumb. I hate to say that because he died and it's sad, but seriously. Come on!