Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites: Black Bean Hummus

Hooray for Friday!

Need I say more? Yes? Ok, well here's a little something that you can make this weekend to eat in front of the TV while you're watching football. If it lasts that long...maybe just make it right before the game.

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Because I am not a fabulous cook, I would not share something with you that I truly did not love. Or really, really like. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of hummus. I  know it's supposed to be so great, but I can only handle a little here and there.

This black bean hummus - I could eat the entire bowl in one sitting. It is really good with carrots or celery as dippers. I also bought a bag of Wild Harvest Organic Yellow Corn tortilla chips that really rocked. I typically do not make a point to buy organic, but these were on sale. They were super tasty, so they might be my go to tortilla chip now.

Anyway, back to the hummus.

This recipe requires tahini. If you are me and have no clue what tahini is, I will save you some Googling.

- It's a paste made out of sesame seeds.
- It's super dry.
- I believe it is Greek or Mediterranean in origin.
- It can be found in the International foods aisle, or in the organic section if you're at my grocery store.

Unfortunately, my store only carries one brand, which comes in a gigantic jar for $7. This recipe only calls for 1 tablespoon of tahini. So, you're either going to make a ton of hummus, or go crazy on Pinterest finding recipes that use tahini. Which is what I did.

I made this for my book club gals this week. They loved it! I could not stop eating it. I'm amazed that I have a little left over, which I brought to work with me for an afternoon snack.

I will be the first to admit that the hummus does not look appetizing. At all. But it smells really good, and tastes even better. So try it! You'll like it! I promise!

Do you have any good tahini recipes to share? 

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