Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Laughing with you, not at you...

Last night, we had ECFE (Early Childhood & Family Education). Bascially it's a 1/2 hour of structured play/arts & crafts with our kids, then they go off with the teacher for an hour and the parents have "class" where we discuss relevant parenting topics.

Our topic of discussion was 8 "L" words in raising your child, including love, live, learn, labor, etc. Laugh was one of them, and we discussed how we should laugh with our kids, not at them. I couldn't agree more! Let's have fun and do fun stuff, and enjoy our lives and our little girl. But you know what? Sometimes she does some funny stuff without even realizing it. The things she says or the facial expressions she makes - sometimes you can't help laughing at her. But not in a malicious way, so I think it's kind of okay then. She'll laugh at me a lot when she's a teenager and I'm not the cool mom that she wants to make cookies with.

But it's okay if she does that. I have a secret up my sleeve. I present to you Blackmail Evidence #1:

See? My kid does funny stuff! Here she is wearing a shirt, undies (they're there!), zebra leggings, and her winter hat. We were not going outside at all, FYI. She's also still wearing diapers. She just so happened to want to wear undies this day. She didn't understand why I was giggling at her, but how could I not? In any case, this will be a great photo to whip out for potential boyfriends when she's older. *evil face here*

Do you have funny blackmail photos of your kids or yourself?
What kind of funny things do your kids do, if you have any?

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  1. I am SURE my mom has some terrible pics of me. I was a crazy child. Like, temper tantrums and all that. I got my mouth washed out with soap a LOT for being sassy. Maybe that won't surprise you, though... ;)