Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pink has landed

Pink is slowly taking over our house. No, not the singer - the color! Travis finished painting the nursery tonight, and I'm so excited! After living for years with beige walls, let me tell you this: any pink is pink. Whether it's muted or barbie doll pink, it's still very bright! Once we get stuff up on the walls and the bedding set up though, I know it'll look great.

Last week was kind of interesting at work. All of the reps except me got to go to Las Vegas for our annual continuing education conference. I'm not sure why I was overlooked for this trip, but Vegas at 6 months pregnant sounds like zero fun. The city changes every year though, so while I'll likely have to go next year I'm sure it won't be in Vegas again. Since I was the only working rep in our territory during the week, I got to see clients on two days instead of just one. Woo hoo! Now it appears that this will be the norm for awhile since the others are getting so busy with hearings. I love client days and actually meeting the people we help so this excites me!

Next week is a four day week for us, yay! The company gives us Good Friday off, so Travis and I will be driving down to Duluth to pick up my mom & dad for the weekend! I'm so excited to see them and to have them see all the progress we're making up here. Then Saturday is my baby shower! (I'm pretty excited, can you tell?)

Here's my latest bump picture at 26 weeks:
Finding pants that fit is getting a little tough lately. Looks like I need to do some shopping!

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