Sunday, April 3, 2011

One check

We've got one more check off our baby to-do list. Closet doors! The nursery had sliding doors, and only one was functional. Not so great. So we planned to get new bi-fold doors to put up. Of course, nothing can be easy, right?

Once again, our special house makes things harder. Standard doors were too tall and not quite wide enough. Luckily Travis found some doors on a local auction website, so we not only got closet doors but a few extra doors too. I'm not sure what we'll use those for, but we got them all for $10 less than what one new set of closet doors would have cost. I'm ok with that! So first he had to trim off some of the bottom on the doors to make them short enough. Then he had to add more trim to the door frame so there wouldn't be a huge 3 inch gap on each side of the doors. Then he had to sand and paint it all. 3 weekends later, we have the finished product!

Aren't they pretty? Much better than what was there before, trust me. Did you notice the little special touch I added to them? Those aren't just any old closet door pulls:
Pink crystal knobs! Aren't they fabulous? It's ok, you can be jealous :o) I originally just wanted one, but found the pair on Amazon for $13. I think it looks way better with two anyway.

I have a new favorite food obsession this week. We bought some "Garlic Garlic" seasoning from Tastefully Simple, and it has a dip recipe on the container. 2 tbsp seasoning, 1/2 cup of mayo and sour cream each, mix and enjoy. OMG is this heaven. I suppose you could use it to dip veggies in, but I've only tried it with potato chips to date. It's so yummy! After you eat it you'll be able to ward off friends, enemies, and vampires alike: bonus! I've also been craving milk like nobodies business. At least that's healthy!

Here I am at 24 weeks in my jailbird stripes:

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