Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter showers

Hopefully bring May flowers! This weekend we got a bit of everything: snow, rain, and sun! My parents flew up for the weekend and my baby shower. Unfortunately the very first morning we woke up to snow. Sorry guys! The day proceeded to be rainy and gross, but all the snow melted! Easter Sunday was a beautiful day, and of course the day they left was absolutely gorgeous.

The shower was so much fun. I was a little nervous because I don't really love being the center of attention. But a ton of ladies came. We ate, played games, and of course - opened presents! Travis and I are so blessed to have such wonderful, giving people in our lives! Baby Emily got tons of clothing, of course. She will be one very well dressed little girl! We also got some fun toys, lots of diapers and baby care items, and a Baby Snugrider that our car seat can snap right into and transforms into a stroller. So cool!

Easter was pretty successful, if I do say so myself. I offered to host it here since my mother-in-law was busy shower planning. Really, we didn't make that much because Trav's grandma loves to cook and bring stuff. So we made the ham, a cheesy potato casserole (family recipe I found in the Bear River Lutheran Church cookbook!), and a 24 hour ambrosia-type salad. Memaw brought a cold bean casserole, pineapple casserole, and two pies. Yum! Everything was so good and everyone was stuffed by the end of the night. I consider that a success!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the weekend. I'm not sure how that happened. My Dad did video record the entire shower, so maybe I'll post that if I get a copy. Then I can torture you all with 2 hours of present opening :o)

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