Monday, March 8, 2010


Well, today is the big day! We're closing! I am amazed how fast this process was, usually it takes at least 4 weeks to get everything to come together. But here we are!

Travis and I also had our 1st anniversary this weekend. To celebrate we went appliance shopping. How romantic! You may not think so, but it was fun to me. We went to a local store to check prices, but ended up buying from Lowe's. They were less expensive, had a better selection, and still offer free delivery and set up, as well as hauling away the old appliances for free. Not that there's anything to haul away, but still - nice to know!

We were going for black appliances because stainless wasn't quite in our budget. So we thought! We ended up getting a pretty, stainless stove with a glass cook top for $499. It was actually the cheapest one they had! Well, besides the little apartment set ups. So then we cruised over to the refrigerator section. I really wanted one with the bottom freezer style, because they are pretty and a side by side would be to big for the spot in our house. We ended up getting a sweet deal on a "silver" fridge (you know, the "fake" stainless but still looks like stainless). The last one they had in stock was the floor model, which had a scratch or two way on the bottom, so they knocked off $60 on top of a 10% discount for being energy star. So we got both for under $1500! I have to admit though - I didn't like spending that much money and walking out of the store empty handed. That's rough!

Also, my brother's will be relieved to know, we're getting a new dryer! Mom and Dad are springing for a new one, since ours looks like it came over on the Mayflower. This has been a running joke for a while now because my brother's helped us move in and out of our apartment in Missouri. They have been worried since day one over my dryer (and the potential for it to set our house on fire), although I still don't see the big deal. But it will be nice to have a new, more energy efficient one.

So closing today, and move in on Wednesday!!!! The U-haul is booked, we have slave labor coming over, and we're almost all packed! We ran out of boxes, so we have to go grab some more from the grocery store. Or, heaven forbid, buy some at Lowe's. I'm thinking I should buy stock in Lowe's now, so at least I'm making a little bit of my money back!

In other big news: I have a new job! Well, I officially start April 5th with the company I've been working for part time, Disability Specialists. I had "orientation" with the owner of the company last Monday, which was 3 hours long and he gave me tons of information about the representative position. It kind of threw me because I didn't think I needed to know how much they got paid and how their pay structure works. Then at the very end he said "I'd like you to consider becoming a rep for us" and completely floored me! He told me to take some time to think about it, which I did and then accepted!

In a nutshell, I will be helping clients with their disability and social security claims. Going to meet with them, helping with paperwork, even representing them at the hearing level if need be. I'll be training under the local rep here for a year, and then next June I have to take and pass the Social Security Exam. If I pass, I get a generous 36% raise from my already very generous salary. Yippy! I'm hoping that I love this job and it really works out, since it plopped in my lap just when I needed it. Fingers crossed!

Work has been under way on Trav's office for about two weeks now. They have the windows all boarded up so you can't see inside. Pretty exciting though! They should be done at the beginning of April, finally!

So that is what's been going on in our lives lately. A roller coaster for sure!

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