Sunday, March 21, 2010


Funny thing when you have no furniture - your house looks really empty. And boxes tend to stay right where they are. Well, not all of them, just a few. We've gotten mostly everything unpacked, hung up, put away, etc. But I only have a few pictures to show you. Let's call them "progress pictures", shall we?

These are the curtains that took me forever to find and decide on. We originally bought two different sets before these, but I think they look pretty nice. We're going for more of a casual look in the family room. Our one and only couch looks kind of small in here, hopefully we'll be able to find some more furniture soon. Right now all of Trav's office supplies and files are piled up in boxes here. I know, I know.

Here is our kitchen complete with our new stainless steel stove, and of course Maya the modeling dog. I know that the microwave does not match, but it's brand new so I didn't see the sense in replacing it just yet.

And our beautiful refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. Score! When we were measuring for this bad boy, I just measured along the wall for depth, and not how far it would come into the room. So you'll notice that there is only about a foot in between the edge of the counter top and the fridge. Travis and I are never allowed to get fatter than that, or we can't get to the back of the house. Good plan!

Our lovely bathroom. All of the colors in this house are great, we didn't have to change a thing. Most of them are what I would have picked myself anyway. And yes, that is a Jacuzzi tub! Don't be too jealous ;o)

Our latest project - blinds! None of the windows in the entire house had any sort of covering, so that's been a big project for us. We've put mini blinds in all the bedrooms (6 windows) and the plantation style blinds in the living room/dining room area (5 normal sized and one 60" sucker). But I'm so glad they're up! Now I can dance around the living room at night with the lights on and my neighbors can't see me!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: today was yard day. The old owners didn't pay too much attention to the outside areas of the house it seems because our .75 acre lot is covered with leaves. We have no less than 10 trees, so there are tons and tons of leaves littering the yard. Who rakes leaves in the spring? We do. I'm expecting that Jacuzzi tub will get some good use tonight!

Did you know that yesterday was the first day of spring? We're ushering it it with balmy 5o degree temperatures today, although two days ago we had snow flurries. Hopefully the weather is beautiful where ever you are!

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  1. Everything looks great! Don't worry about the lack of stuff... it looks very spacious that way and the living room looks very welcoming and casual, good job - now get to work on that yard, LOL!