Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year - Starting Right

Goooooo Vikings!

Ok, it's not like they won the Super Bowl or anything. But NFC division champs? I'll take it!

I admit, I am a fair-weather fan for the Vikings. I mean, it's not my home state, but I have to root for someone. I was pleased that the Lions beat the Bears, as well. It was a good football weekend!

New Year's Eve was pretty quiet for us - a yummy dinner followed by some puzzle making (Puzzle putting together? Not sure of the term here.), and then a "midnight" countdown for Emily courtesy of Netflix at 9pm. I am not above lying to my kid. Trav and I managed to stay up until midnight (much harder for me than him), and we got to sleep in on Friday morning! Well...if you consider 7:30 sleeping in. I do.

Travis took Emily sledding and ice skating with some friends. Our daughters are almost exactly a year apart and they go to daycare together, so it's fun getting together with them for stuff like this, too.

It was very bright!

Down she goes!

I guess Emily was very surprised at how difficult ice skating is. I'm sure with some more practice, she'll be skating with the best of them in no time. The chair in the picture was used to hold onto for balance while the girls learned to push themselves forward. It will definitely take some practice. 

Unfortunately, I didn't go because I was at home putting all the Christmas decorations away. It really is a full day's work! But it's nice to have the house back to normal. I also do not know how to ice skate, so I would have been on my butt just as much, if not more, than Emily!

The rest of the weekend was filled with the normal running, cleaning, laundry, etc. Boy, what an exciting life we lead! 

Are you starting 2016 off right? Do you know how to ice skate?


  1. Yay for your Vikings!! Interested to see how everything plays out in the upcoming playoffs for sure!! I'm a little worried about my beat up Bengals, but there is still hope they'll pull through despite the injuries! I've actually been under the weather for all of 2016 so far - ugh...not the ideal way to start the year! Today is the best I've felt so far so I'm hoping to get my real start today :)

  2. My whole household was up at midnight on New Year's Eve. The neighbors had a pretty extravagant firework display and my daughter was not a fan of the noise. Ugh.

    When I was really young I took ice skating lessons, and I was a pretty decent skater, but it's been years (like 15+) since I've skated, so I'm not sure how I would do. Your daughter is all smiles though, it looks like she had a blast! Happy New Year!

  3. I am the worst ice skater in the world. SO bad. I can't even stand up let along propel myself! Ha! I am with you- taking down the Christmas decorations is a lot of work but I love how clean the house seems once it's back to normal! Happy New Year!