Friday, January 15, 2016

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday!

Just an FYI - Friday is not so excited when you're unemployed. Yay for another two days where I stay at home! Especially in the frigid weather we're having. However, this weekend is a little exciting because we're going to International Falls for a race! More to come on that in another post.

Saturday - Despite the freezing temperatures, my running group was planning on meeting up to run this morning. 100% honesty here - I would not have run outside if it weren't for them. But I needed some time pounding the pavement and socializing with people that would talk about other things besides me being laid off. So off I went. In 4 layers of tops/jackets, 2 layers of hats, and 2 layers of pants. Surprisingly it wasn't that bad. I mean, -3F with real feel of -12 is cold, I'm not going to lie. But I survived, and actually had a pretty pleasant run. I don't want every run to be like that, but I can handle a couple. 9 miles in 1:29:09 = 9:55 average pace.

Sunday - Did the Blogilates abs & obliques workouts on the January calendar. Well, I skipped the last workout that targeted the obliques because I felt like we had already done a ton of that. Probably a wise decision, because Monday my obliques were pretty sore!

Monday - It was -25F during my normal run time, -15F after bringing Em to preschool. I had a cutdown run scheduled, and probably could have waited until later in the day to get it done but I just wanted to run this AM. So I tried doing this on the treadmill. After the warm up mile, I was supposed to do 4 miles at 8:55, 8:45, 8:35, and 8:25 followed by a cool down mile. That first mile at 8:55 was horrible! I felt like I was working 10x harder, and my breathing was much more labored than it should have been. Outside, this would have been no problem. At least I think so. I ended up bagging the workout and finishing the rest of the miles at an easier pace. I have this same run scheduled in 2 weeks, so I'll get another chance at it then. 6 miles in 1:00:00 (also, I think the pacing on my treadmill is just flat out wrong.)

I tried doing the legs portion of the Blogilates workouts scheduled for today, but I was pretty spent. Did 2 of them and called it good.

Tuesday - 45 minutes on my stationary bike, followed by about 15 minutes of foam rolling and stretching. I'm having some pain on the inside of my ankle, like right under the bumpy part. I think that's the posterior tibial tendon. It's probably a compensatory issue from having discomfort on the outside of my foot so long. I've been doing lots of stretching, and also rolling that area with a tennis ball. But I sure wish my body would get it together!

Wednesday  - 3 easy miles, in -6F. So yea, those "easy" miles weren't very easy. I don't know if it's because of the cold, thin air, or maybe because I started off a bit speedy since I was messing with my mp3 player (which decided not to work in negative temps. Surprise!), but this run was a slog. The whole time I was tired and just didn't want to go. But, I got it done, and did some pilates later in the day too. 3 miles, 29:51, 9:51 average pace.

Yup, that's frost on my gaiter. Nice!
 Thursday - 3 easy miles that were actually easy! It warmed up to positive 7F this morning, and there was a light snow falling as I ran these miles. It was pleasant, and my body felt good! Love it when a plan comes together. I'm still dealing with some foot tendon/ankle issues. Today, it was my left foot and that peroneal tendon which was tight the entire run. I'm also still having that mystery pain in the posterior tibial tendon on the inside of my right ankle. Doesn't hurt when I run, feels better after being used, and is much better if I wear shoes. So even though I'm bumming it as an unemployed chick, I'm wearing shoes at home to give it a break.

Friday - Rest day. Actually, today I'm spending most of the day in Duluth taking civil service exams to be eligible for county jobs. So yea, not much activity going on with my body, but that's ok because tomorrow I'm off to the Icebox of the Nation to run the Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run. Both the 5k and 10k!  In probably -10 temps! Who's idea was this?

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