Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello friends! I hope this finds you well rested after a long weekend. If you had to work this weekend, I apologize.

Memorial Day is obviously an important day to remember our fallen soldiers, POWs, currently deployed soldiers, and those others that are currently in service (like my nephew!). Without their sacrifices for our freedom, who knows what the good ol' US of A would be like?

Luckily for most of us, it's also a paid day off from work. After nearly 5 months of 40 hour work weeks, I know that I sure welcome the long weekend! We had gorgeous weather all three days, opened the windows, and played outside!

Travis started pulling out all the summer toys for Emily to play with, including her pool and water table. The pool is still a bit too cold to swim in, although we put swimsuits on and tried. At one point, Emily slipped and fell in. The water must have been pretty cold because she jumped up and said "I want to put my clothes back on!"

So we settled on just playing with the water table for most of the weekend. She's also become obsessed with these new jelly sandals, but likes to wear them with socks. There must be a little 80 year old in that body somewhere...

Sunday I finished my second-to-last long run before my half marathon on June 14th. 12.5 miles in 1:51:57. I'm pretty confident that I can finish 13.1 in under 2 hours, I'm just not sure if that's going to happen at the actual race. It's a trail race, most likely with softer footing which may slow me down a bit. But, hopefully if I just pace myself, I'll get in under my self-imposed wire.

After burning 1100+ calories on my run, I felt it was more than necessary to seek out ice cream on Sunday evening. We had a lovely dinner al fresco at home, courtesy of Travis and the grill. Steak, potatoes, and grilled zucchini. Emily only ate the steak. Eh, what can you do?

So, off we went to a local place that still has car-hop type service. I'm not sure what that's called exactly? You know, where they come out to your car, take your order, and then you eat in the car? Anyway, that doesn't really appeal to me with a 2 1/2 year old, so we chose to have our ice cream on their deck. Emily definitely enjoyed her first ice cream cone.

I didn't capture the little dance that she did while eating her ice cream. But I know it all to well, because I do a similar dance when eating sugar. It's a happy dance :o)

Yesterday we visited a local greenhouse to get some flowers and vegetable plants. We picked pumpkin, zucchini, and two varieties of tomatoes. It's so late in the season already, so we chose starter plants over seeds, except for beans and peas. Hopefully those come up and are fruitful (err, veggieful?)!

I almost came home with this little gem, but I wasn't sure where exactly he would call home so I left him.

Who wouldn't love a unicorn planter in their backyard?

We topped off the weekend with a nice BBQ dinner at Trav's grandparents house in Side Lake. They live right on the river and have a shady backyard with a screened in porch. The mosquitoes were out in full force last night, so we were thankful for that porch! Burgers, brats, beans, potato salad, beer...what more could you ask for?

Emily and her Great-Grandma - who makes the best jelly.
Just ask Emily!

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend!

How did you spend your Memorial Day?

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