Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

A day late and a dollar short - should be my name but that's a really long name.

Anyway, I had a fantastic Mother's Day weekend. On Saturday, we took a spontaneous trip to the Lake Superior Zoo, and then ate lunch at a lovely little neighborhood restaurant called Sara's Table. Delicious, fresh food with lots of vegetarian and gluten free options. Plus wine! That's got my name all over it. Yesterday I woke up early and got out the door for 11.5 miles. A little better than last weekend, but still kind of a hard run. Not sure what's up with that. We spent the rest of the day just hanging at the house, playing outside, and napping. Then we went to my in-law's house for dinner. Mother Nature blessed us with beautiful weather all weekend - it was truly gorgeous!

Now, to the pictures. Because I know you don't care about the words ;o)

 Trying to woo the donkey to come see us. The donkey was having none of that. We forgot our stroller at home, so we rented one at the zoo. Surprisingly, Emily loved their strollers and wanted to be in the majority of the time.

Not to sure about that bear behind me...

The bear's name is "Trouble", which is interesting to say the least. He had half of a large, blue plastic barrel that he was just sitting with licking and biting. You can see my reflection to the side. I was trying, as nicely as possible, to tell one of my bosses that I could not call him back because I was with my family. It's Saturday, hello! Huge pet peeve....

Proof that Emily loved the stroller. She's staring at the lions, whom she said were named Simba and "Fasa", or Mufasa as he's better known. I'd like to point out there was only one male lion and two females. So "Simba" must still be a cub in Emily's eyes.

Here we are in front of a pretty waterfall that feeds the river floating through the zoo. Except my giant head is blocking the view.

Emily feeling a tad bit scared of the giant, stuffed bear, but safe enough with Dad.

 Not having it with Mom though. 

Tired baby waiting for her mac n'cheese at Sara's Table. Which was delicious, as well. 

Lastly, a little fun in the sun playing kickball!

Emily is getting pretty good at kicking. There is only one ball here though, Trav's camera just does fancy things.

I hope you spent the day with your loved ones, whether you're a mom or have a mom to celebrate!

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