Thursday, April 3, 2014

When Pinterest Fails Me

Recently we've been making loads of different recipes that I find on Pinterest. Usually, I check out the supermarket circular to see what meat is on sale, then log on to Pinterest to see what kind of recipes I've pinned involving that meat. We also add in staples like spaghetti, tacos, breakfast for dinner, etc. Then off to the grocery store I go with a Pollyanna attitude. This has been a great way to change up the dinner menu and try new things. 9 times out of 10, the recipe is delicious. Sometimes a little more laborious than planned, but hey...we can't all be perfect now, can we?

Meet the 1/10th:
Slow-cooker White Wine and Garlic Chicken
(I'm not posting pictures or the recipe to protect the innocent original blogger. This recipe just wasn't our style)

It sounds really good, right? Yes, I thought so too. The picture makes it look pretty good. It was relatively easy to throw together, and the house smelled amazing with this cooking up in the crock-pot. So I'm not really sure where it went wrong?

The funny thing is that I actually had to buy wine to make this recipe. Normally, we always have wine in the house. But we only had red, which I'm sure I could have used, but I wanted to stay true to the recipe for the first go-round. So I bought some cheap $3 white wine. I mean, come on, I'm not spending good money on good wine just to dump it into a recipe! Wine is for drinking!

Anyway, the flavor was just kind of off. It was really bitter. The sauce also congealed a bit once it was on the plate.  All three of us ended up scraping the sauce off the chicken. Luckily we made it with some Rice-a-Roni (because we're fancy like that) and veggies, so there was enough food on the plate with other flavors. But I definitely don't think we'll be making this again. Travis specifically asked to take it out of the recipe book.

Have you ever made anything that appeared to be amazing and fell flat?

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  1. I have made a few things that I thought would be good that were just terrible. One was something another blogger I know absolutely swore by, but it just did not turn out at all. The flavor was good, but the whole dish was just kind of... mushy. It was sad, because it was a crockpot recipe so we smelled it all day, and then it wasn't any good. At least usually the recipe turns out good, though, right? 1/10 isn't too bad of odds when you think about it :)