Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday Confessions

I saw this on another blog I follow (Run, Eat, Repeat), and thought it was a good idea. Here's some confessions about me:

1. I started using Instagram but I have no idea what goes on there or why I'm using it. I take pictures and post them? You take pictures and post them? We look at each other's pictures? I don't get it.

2. I read an article about brain healthy foods that help fight exercise fatigue. Basically 99.9% of the items listed are not things in my daily diet. So, I'm trying to incorporate more walnuts, eggs, and avocados. However, I'm quickly learning that I don't really love walnuts, eggs, and avocados. I like guacamole, does that count? But I'm sitting here eating my walnuts, grudgingly, because they're "brain food".

3. I am very much a type A person, and might have a little OCD. I hate the joke how it should be CDO though, because it's alphabetically correct then. To a dyslexic person maybe...

4. I know that I come off as pushy and overbearing sometimes because of #3. I try to calm that down a little, but I'm not always successful. Like with my Ragnar Relay team. MUST GET ALL THE THINGS DONE TODAY. < truly how I feel, deep down. Not sorry.

5. I have not read any classic books like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, etc. Yes, I was an English major in college. I focused on children's lit/young adult lit because those classes were way more interesting. And fun.

6. I ran on the treadmill today because we got a trace amount of snow last night, and I'm sick of dealing with it. I've put on a brave face (and 15 layers of clothes) for far too long. Over it!

7. I'm overly excited about Easter this year, because this is the first year that we're putting mostly candy in Emily's basket. I fully intend on eating half of it. Including the peanut butter filled chocolate rabbit I bought. That sucker has my name all over it.

What would you like to confess? I can't promise you absolution, but it's fun to let it out :o)

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  1. I feel you on #4. I'm like that too. Whatever. The world needs people like us! I confess that... I am making puppy chow later and fully intend on eating it until I feel sick. I ran 10 miles today, so it's okay right? Happy Easter to you!