Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Life Mantra

I recently read another blog that mentioned having a mantra for running. Or just for doing hard stuff, and getting through it. I think this is a fantastic idea. The blog showed a chart of 4 columns with different words in each column, and you picked one word from each column to create your phrase. So it could be something like "run swiftly, think power" or "be fierce, think courage". So I'm sitting there thinking about what my mantra is, and I realized that I already have one. 

When I'm running, especially on those long runs, there is a lot of thinking involved. But eventually I wear myself out with my own inner talking. Usually I rely on music, or (just recently) an audiobook. But in the really tough spots, I pray. I pray to God for strength to get up this hill, to make it to the end of my run, to not poop my pants (hey, let's be real here), and I thank him. I thank him for the ability to run, for my family, for my health, for my water bottles and energy chews. Whatever, He's listening. 

A few months ago I found this pin on Pinterest:

On shoes! That's cool!
I thought, that's really cool! But maybe a little flashy and not quite my style. But the Philippians verse has really stuck with me, and it's been my motivation in tough spots. I guess you could say it's my mantra. I really do chant this to myself at times when I'm running. Especially up long hills. 

 I guess if you're not religious, this specific idea might not work for you. But I like to think that God is with me at all times of my life, and he's giving me strength to get through challenging situations. It's so great to hand over the issues or problems that I feel are to big for me, and know that He will help. I loved this quote so much that I bought a wall decal and hung it above the main door in our home.

It's not as wonky looking in real life. 

I think this can apply to so many areas of life, not just running. Preparing for a tough day at work? Here's my reminder before I step out the door that I will get through it with His help. It's kind of nice to know that someone has my back when I need help. So while it may not be your traditional mantra, it's mine and it works. What's your mantra?

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  1. I love that verse! And what a neat idea. I pray while I'm running as well.