Friday, November 22, 2013

Drive by (type by? read by?)

Just a quick post and run. I had to share this picture of me from this morning:
Here I am, all decked out to run in 8 degree temps. I doubled up and wore winter tights and sweatpants. Guess what? I was totally warm and had a good run! The neck gaiter still gets a little damp and then chilly, but I think I have to work on not breathing on it once I pull it down.

Anyway, I know I look sexy and slightly mannish in the picture, but I just had to prove that it works! Also, yes, that is Batman's utility belt, for those that were wondering.

Happy running!


  1. haha. Oh my gosh you look fabulous. Way to go braving the cold! And here I was complaining about 20 degrees!

  2. Thanks! I was so hot in the house that it was actually kind of nice stepping outside. I have to remember this for next time!