Monday, July 25, 2011

Twiddling my thumbs

Just patiently waiting. I was hoping to have baby news, but no such luck. I'm officially past my due date at 40 weeks and 4 days. Yayyyy....

I've tried walking, eating spicy food, eating fresh pineapple, being really energetic and cleaning my house, driving down a bumpy road (not intentionally, just got lucky with that one). Guess what? Old wives tales are just that, tales. Basically they suck and are always wrong. Emily is going to come whenever she wants to. Maybe she heard me say that I don't like rubies, so she wants to be an August baby for the peridot?

In other news, our weather finally cooled off. We sent that heat packing east and enjoyed a weekend of under 70 temps. Yep, you read that right! Today has actually gotten up to 80, but it's breezy and beautiful. This is more like Minnesota summer!

Travis had a gig with the band Friday night. Everyone was worried about me being all by myself, so my mother-in-law and sister-in-law came to keep me company. I kind of find this amusing since I spend every day by myself (well, with the company of Maya), and Trav works about an hour away. But whatever, we had a good time and that's what matters.

The one part of Friday that was not fun at all: getting stung by a bee. How the heck did that happen, right? Me and my big old pregnant behind were out watering my flowers on the front deck when one snuck up on me from behind and stung my foot. Seriously, it was like a covert sting operation. The scariest part: I've never been stung by a bee before.

So imagine this if you will: I'm 40+ weeks pregnant, and I just got stung by a bee. I'm home alone. This is my first bee sting ever. Commence irrational panicking. First off I ran into the bathroom and started filing up the tub with cold water, because that mofo burned! As I sit there, I try to remember what I've learned about bee stings. Which really equals about zero. I assume if I'm allergic that there would be some swelling. Well, my foot is swelling up anyway, I just got stung by something! So once the radiating burning has numbed by my ice cold bath water, I hobble over to my computer to do a little research. Here's a hint if you're ever in my situation: don't Google images of bee stings. Stick to the "web" search. Thankfully I found some helpful information to inform me that at this point, 20 min after the initial sting, that if I wasn't in anaphylactic shock already then I am likely doing ok.

Of course I sent my hubby a text to let him know what happened, just in case something serious really did come out of this event. And then my brother called me. Cue me missing Trav's phone call, his mind naturally going to the scenario of me being passed out somewhere, and getting repeated phone calls until I finally switch over and tell him I'm fine. Hey, if I have to have a heart attack for no reason, so does he.

So this weekend he did his husband-ly duties of finding the bee's nest, buying insecticide, and killing them. But not without taking a picture first:
This is underneath our front porch steps. As you can see, the little buggers had one nest and decided at some point that it wasn't good enough, so they made an even bigger nest next door. Seriously, how did we miss this? How the heck hasn't my mailman been stung every single day by these buggers? One will never know I guess, but hopefully they're good and dead now.

So that was our big excitement this weekend. Here's my latest (and hopefully last!) bump picture at 40 weeks:

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