Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are we there yet?

Baby yet? No baby yet, and it's starting to feel like I'm going to be pregnant forever! Really I'm only 38 weeks pregnant, and we have 11 days to go until my due date. But trust me...those 11 days seem like way to long! I'm hot, my feet are swollen, I have some bizarre hip pain making it difficult to yea, I'm done being pregnant. I'm ready for Emily to make her appearance!
I know you don't believe me about the heat thing. We live in Minnesota, how hot could it get? Well, let me tell you - upper 80's when you live in a house with no A/C might as well be 100 for all I care. There is no way to get cool. I've seriously contemplated filling my bathtub with cool water to go "swim" in.

In other news, we finally got the quote back for our flat roof and signed the contract to get it redone. It came back a little higher than I expected at $3600, but we're biting the bullet and getting it done. Hopefully that will happen this week, or at least before Emily arrives. They have a few others to do before ours, apparently it's replace-your-roof-season. But then it'll be done and we won't have to worry about it for another 10 years or so. So we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming of replacing windows, installing garage door openers, etc, etc. Ah, home-ownership. AKA: "money pit that you can only hope will repay you in equity 20 years from now." Ain't it grand?

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